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simply yes.

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Q: If you hit a batter then walk a batter then someone gets a hit and scores those runners are those runs earned runs?
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If a pitching change is made during an at-bat and the batter gets on base and later scores which pitcher is charged with the earned run?

If the batter got on base with the original pitcher and he scores of the new pitcher, the previous pitcher is charged with the earned run.

If a pitcher records two out then the following batter reachs on an error then the batting team scores a run is that considered a earned run?

A batter that reaches base due to an error and later scores is not counted as an earned run.

If a pitcher hits a batter and he later scores on a balk is that a earned run?


What happens on a bases loaded walk?

All runners on base move ahead one base. The runner on third scores when he touches home plate. The batter gets an RBI. The pitcher may be charged with an earned run depending on how the runners got on base.The pitcher gets upset with the umpire.

Is it a earned run if a batter swings and misses a wild pitch on a third strike and he later scores?

If the batter reaches base as the result of a Wild Pitch, and he later scores, it would be an Earned Run. However, if he reaches base as the result of a Passed Ball, and he later scores, it would be an Unearned Run.

Can there be an earned run on an infield single if the runner scores from second base?

In my opinion, if the pitcher who is responsible for the batter being on second base to begin with, then I believe it is an earned run...

If there are 3 players on a base and a batter hits a home run how many run scores?

4 runs would score: the 3 runners on base plus the batter who hit the home run. Grand! Slam!

A batter gets a hit and later scores on a fielders choice is the run earned or unearned?

Earned. Unearned runs only apply to cases where an error allows a runner to score where they otherwise would not have.

Runners are on 3rd and 1st. The ball is hit to the 2nd baseman. The shortstop covers the bag and the batter reaches 1st before the throw reaches 1st base. The runner at 3rd scores. Is it an at bat?

Yes. The batter would be credited with an at bat and an RBI.

Why is it an at bat if the batter hits gets thrown out at first but the run scores when it is not an at bat if the batter flys out and the run scores?

This is what you call and RBI. An RBI is short for "Runners Batter In" Players compete for the highest amount of RBI's. Since batting runners in help your team win the game, the at-bat does not count against the batter. That means that they just swipe the at-bat away. The batter still receives a Plate Appearance, but not an At-Bat. Plate Appearances do not effect your batting average or any of your averages, other then your on base percentage. Think of it this way: If a player hits a fly ball and the runner tags up and scores a run, that's going to help his team win the baseball game. Same goes for a ground ball out, as long as the run gets home, the batter is not charged with getting out. It will go on the score card as a RBI Sac Fly, or just an RBI for a ground ball.

If a player is hit by the pitch and later scores is the run earned or unearned?

Depends on what happened in the inning prior to and after the batter is hit. Assuming that no errors or passed balls occur, the run will be scored an earned run. If the inning is extended by an error, or the runner scores because of an error or passed ball, the run would be unearned.

Is it an earned run when a runner scores on a strikeout?