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Well, first of all, if you're going to be playing a sport that is at or near professional, or if you're just a serious player, then money will affect that sport. You see, if you plan on playing the sport as I said earlier, you're going to need some good quality equipment. And usually, quality comes at a price.

Now if you're playing a sport at a more recreational level, or you don't play it that much but you still like that sport, then money won't be as big of an issue. You could use cheaper products. But this is all PERSONAL PREFERENCE. It's all about what YOU want to do. Buying expensive equipment for sport that is recreational or a sport that isn't played often it totally fine, or vise verse. There's no wrong way of doing it. But that doesn't mean that it won't effect participation in a sport.

Good quality/Expensive Equipment=More Serious Involvement
Lower Quality/Inexpensive Equipment=Less Serious Involvement

sorry that was so long. im just that way. =D

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I know 3 because i watch i see what is see though.

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Q: How does money affect participation in sport?
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