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yes it does because if you don't want to do something you won't try.

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Q: Does attitudes affect participation in sport and recreation?
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How do peers affect participation in sport?

Team work.

Do your friends affect your participation in sport?

No, because they are you're friends and you should play with your friends.

Brazil recreation sport activities?

The Brazilian recreation sport is football, soccer.

What does the department of sport and recreation do?

depart sports and recreation

How does the sports industry affect personal and family budgets?

About 1.5% of household budgets is spent directly on active participation in Sport and Recreation. However, if you also take into account the dollars spent by families on pay TV for watching sport, the total spending on sport is much more. There is also the question whether the family goes to major venues to watch professional sport. For some families with 2-3 children, it would be probable that the total spend on sport would amount to 5%.

What is the highest participation sport in the world?

Futbol or as known in America soccer is the sport with the highest participation.

What were forms of recreation in ancient Egypt?

Recreation of Ancient Egypt are fishing, hunting and sport.

What is the largest participation sport in Australia?

Soccer (Actually, Golf is the sport with the highest participation in Australia, with around 1.3 million people playing)

Why is sport is consider the most popular recreation service component?

I think every sport is

What does play mean?

1. To engage in sport or recreation

Which youth sport has the biggest decline in participation?

Hockey because....its such a hard-nosed sport

What are physical benefits to be gained from participating in track as a sport?

What is the physical advantage of participation in sport