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money, where you are born country, area etc. facilities around you

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Q: What factors affect people's participation in leisure activities?
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What is peoples participation'?

the process of involving people of various backgrounds int he planning, construction and maintainance of various works is called peoples participation.

What was Charlemagne favorite activities?

taking peoples land

What are some activities to do in Rome for tourists?

play in the coliseum for peoples enjoyment

Why is people's participation in regional development important?

Peoples participation in regional development is important because of several reasons. Those reasons include community development, strategizing, problem solving, and stimulating progress.

How do landforms with multiple slopes affect peoples lives and activities?

landforms affect peoples life by the way they act and treat the enviroment

How did colonial powers maximize communication with and the control of native peoples?

They taught the native peoples their own language and insisted on its use in all official activities.

Who was involved in the roman activities?

The Romans were the ones who were involved in Roman activities the most. Other people where peoples who became romanised and took on many of their ways.

How do tides affect's peoples activities?

ako buday ! By: the lovers Dinzel! from john dinfer to:jezel a.

What kind of region based on peoples activities would community of farmers live?

i dot now

What are activities that satisfy peoples needs and wants?

the exchange of goods and services without the use of money is

Advantages and disadvantages of black money?

there are more disadvantage are there mainly poor peoples becomes very poor and rich peoples becomes very ricc we must have to stop this type of activities

Why very few peoples like Amateur radio activity?

Amateur radio is a Hoby , there is no money oriented activities.