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Q: What is a rising with a spring movement to point in ballet?
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What is the I.D.T.A. ballet Syllabus for Primary?

Knee bends in 1st and second Point and close Point lift point close 2 lifts point and close Step close step point Arm exercise Springs in first Step close step hop Spring points Gallops in all directions Free expressive movement - to act out a story A simple ballet or Demi character (set by the teacher) Curtesy or bow If you need to know more and what you need to do in each exercises you need to buy a ballet syllabus or talk to your dance teacher I hope I was of some help

What is the difference between jazz dancing and ballet dancing?

The difference can be the way you dance. Usually ballet is about the technique more than anything else. Jazz is about the flow of movement to movement and how it all looks together. There are also diffrent because of there shoes. In ballet there are ballet shoes and ballet point shoes. In jazz there are jazz shoes. Ballet and Jazz both are great fun. I am in both. They both have the same diciplene which for any dancing of dance team has a lot of diciplene. Hope this helps you!

Rising actionIn Freytag's pyramid rising action is the point at which?

Rising action in Freytag's pyramid rising action is the point at which

What does demipointe mean in ballet?

demipoint is flat ballet shoes and not the point shoes!

Do male ballet dancers go on point?

I think that male ballet dancers CAN go on point. I know that females can. So why not men?

Which ballet term means a step from one foot to another preformed at a relatively fast tempo?

Spring point, hoipe that helpsI think a step from one foot to the other is a 'pas'.

How do you attach elastic to ballet point shoes?

You have to sew it on.

What is the side point in ballet?

Tendu a la seconde

What is a point ballet shoe?

A shoe with a hard toe.

How is Ice-Skating linked to Ballet?

You need the grace and point of ballet to be able to become a successful figure skater!!

Name 5 characteristics of ballet dance?

- grace in movement - pointed feet - posture and alignment - turn out - extension of the legs, feet and arms

What is the difference point and ballet?

well point shoes are ballet shoes that have a hard bit around the toes that allow you to go up on the tips of your toes without hurting them!!!

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