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Q: How old you must be to take point class of ballet?
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Has Justin bieber take ballet class before?

Of course he has. How can a gay guy not take ballet?

What does the ballet word prepointe mean?

The level of ballet class that you take before you are ready to go on full pointe.

Where would you go to learn ballet?

I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but take a class! there are many ballet classes around, but if you want to really get in to it you would want to take it in big cities.

What is vocational ballet?

Vocational ballet is a more intense ballet training that people wishes to become professionals take. This is why it is called 'vocational' ballet. Therefore, vocational ballet prepares you to be professional, it is more intense and demanding than normal ballet lessons. It does not include any free movement or character and is a serious, structured classical ballet syllabus. Some ballet schools offer the vocational exams as an extra, for example at my ballet school I am part of a group of 'students' who take one Grade class a week like normal pupils do but also have a vocational class, which in our case is intermediate foundation. The Royal Academy of Ballet in England offer a vocational course which consists of 5 grades.

If you start ballet at 12 and you will take 3 ballet classes a week soon is it too late to become a prima ballerina?

Yes, if you work really hard in class and outside of class, you have a good teacher, and believe in yourself you can. :)

How are jazz dancing and ballet dancing similar?

I am taught and compete in Jazz dancinf an dmany of my Friends are ballet dancers. In other words I have watched and been involved in both styles of dance. The similaraties are: both require ballance both require correct technique both require some flexibility both are beautiful, difficult, strenuous and require talent also, in many studios in order to take a jazz class you must also take a ballet class, because ballet teaches all turns and leaps used for jazz

How many ballet classes does it take to be on point shoes?

It depends. Usually 2-3 years of ballet training unless you learn fast. Ask your instructor. :)

What are the different kinds of contemporary dance?

Contemporary Ballet is all im aware of because I take that class.

How do you get stronger for pointe?

You need to take a pre-pointe class first in regular ballet shoes, and do ankle exersizes, such as relavaes or pleaes. Your ankles are the main strencth point in pointe. If your ankles aren't stong, you will likely fall and hurt yourself.

What is the difference between hip hop music and ballet?

They are so so so much different. Ballet is very formal and you have to point your feet and have proper technique. Hip hop is what is referred to street dancing. I take both hip hop and ballet

Should you take Jazz or hip hop dance?

Jazz and hip hop are two completely different dances. Hip hop is more if you like being freestyle and making sharp moves, and hip hop costumes are sweats and a sweater or a t-shirt etc. Jazz dance requires precision. You must point toes and do split leaps etc. Jazz and ballet go together. If you take ballet, it will improve the way you do in any other dance. Jazz is an upbeat and fun version of ballet.

Is ballet one of the most challenging sports?

Ballet is a very challenging sport. It is hard to compare it to outdoor sports, because, in Soccer (for example) you must run around in muddy conditions. In ballet, you have a heated studio. Ballet is completley un-natural to the human body, other sports are natural. If you do not have sought after turn-out in your hips, Ballet will be very challenging as you must take time to work the hips into a more turned-out position. This is all very un-natural. With pointe shoes, you are dancing on the very tip of your toes. This is one of THE MOST challenging aspects of Ballet. Ballet takes dedication, flexibility, and performing ability. If you mess-up on stage, you must make it appear as if nothing at all happened. And you must do this in front of hundreds or even thousand of people. So inconclusion, YES ballet is one of the most challenging sports.

Where can you find a ballet coach in your area?

In class, really. At the schools/companies. The best teachers are those who have danced professionally themselves. And still take class to the day. Take care to do your research.

What happens in a ballet audition?

You take a normal class while the teacher or instructor watches and looks to see how well you do the steps and how flexebile you are.

What is involve to be a dancer?

well... if you're in a dance company, you usually have to take at least one ballet class and one modern class. Tap and other genres of dance are optional. If you are just taking a class at a dance school/studio, then you usually have to take ballet in order to take tap or sometimes jazz. In order to go en pointe, you have to be dancing for years to get your feet and legs strong (and especially your core!). Most studios let their students go en pointe at age twelve, but some start earlier or later. Ballet schools sponsored by a professional company sometimes have students go en pointe at age nine. If the studio performs ballets such as The Nutcracker, Giselle, La Sylphide, Swan Lake, or Coppelia, then you must work very hard and do your best in every rehearsal. You want the teachers/choreographer to see that you are a valuable dancer.

Is 17 too late to start ballet?

No, its never too late to start ballet. However, you may want to take a class on the basics, and ballet may not come as easy to you as it does to others your age who have taken it for years. With dedication, you can catch up, although you may have less of a chance to preform professionally.

What qualifications are required to take a notary class?

There are no major requirements to take a notary class. Newcomers must take the seminar and exam.

What fitness components does ballet require?

In ballet you need to have good posture and verrrrry good balance. You should also have good stamina but if you don't it will come if you take classes. It is also a must to have good co-ordination.

Is pointe ballet dangerous?

yes point ballet is dangerous cause if you do something wrong in point shoes you can break you ankle !!!!!!!!!!!! Dancing en pointe can be dangerous if you try without the sufficient training. You usually start dancing en pointe after about 5 or 6 years of ballet training (this depends on how many lessons you have per week), and you must be 11 years old or older. When you are under 11 your bones are still growing and you could permanantly damage them. Your pointe shoes need to be carefully fitted, and you must be taught to tie the ribbons correctly, and sew on new ribbons. Your ballet teacher will carefully and slowly teach you to dance on your toes, and you must follow her instructions perfectly. At first you will probably only be allowed to dance en pointe under her careful supervision. If you follow instructions, and don't take risks you will be fine. It is said though that ballet dancers sometimes have problems with their feet (especially ankles and toes) later in life.

How do you find out how to dance ballet?

take ballet classes or lessons

Does ballet require special training?

Yes! Ballet requires a lot of strength training and discipline. The legs, feet, and ankles must be strong, as well as the upper body. This training can take years, and a dancer is never done training.

How much time needed to learn ballet?

it can take lots of years as you have to do levels of each the type of dance to be very dedicated I have been dancing since I was 3 (10 years). I take 6 classes (ballet, pointe, modern, hip hop, tap, jazz), assist 2 (Ballet 2 and Tap 1), and me and my friend teach 1 (Pre-Ballet). Right now, I'm in Ballet 4, and the other girls in my class are all 2-3 years older than me. It's truly not about how long, its more about the technique you have and the effort that you put in. The girls in my pointe class are mostly in grades 10 and 11, and I'll be in 8th next year.

What class can you take for performing arts?

any class such as dance - ballet, jazz, hiphop, tap- singing, or drama is a performing arts class, so if you wish to get involved in performing arts, a dance or stage school would be a good place to start.

What dance class should you join when your 13 and have never tooken a dance class in your life?

Take a few! Ballet is the center of all dance and if you're looking for strong technique, start there. But if you just want to have fun jazz is a great place to start too. Contemporary or modern should come after you have gained some ballet experience. Everything is built off of ballet so I strongly suggest taking it regardless of what you decide. Have fun!

Do soccer players take ballet?

Some soccer players do take ballet classes. I have a peer dancer who is a national soccer player and he takes ballet classes a few times a week. Other athletics such as football players have also been known to take a few ballet classes.