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There are heaps

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Q: What kind of rules in the olympic games were 100 years ago?
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What kind of games are there in the paralympic games?

olympic games

What kind of sports do the people do at Olympic Games?


What kind of medals did first place winners receive in the first Olympic games?

real gold medals

Which is harder winning a Heisman or winning an olympic gold medal?

If you're very good at football but not at any sport in the Olympic games, then winning a Heisman is easier. If you're very good at a sport that is part of the Olympic games, then the gold medal is easier. It's kind of a pointless question in the first place, but to put things in perspective: every four years, there a few hundred Olympic gold medals given out (between both the winter and summer games). There are exactly four Heisman trophies given out in that same period.

What Olympics have been disasters?

It depends on what kind of disasters you're referring to. There were two Olympic games in recent memory that had fatal disasters. At the 1972 Summer Olympic games in Munich, West Germany, 11 Israeli athletes were taken hostage and eventually killed. At the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia, there was a terrorist bombing at the Olympic Park that killed two people.

What kind of sports in ancient olympic games?

re-word your question so that it makes sense then come back to us on wiki answers and we will answer!

What kind of examples can you make for the word Olympic?

mop, pic, pom And that is all that I can make out of Olympic!

What fatalities happen in Olympic swimming?

The fatal kind........................................

What kind of plants are at the olympic national park?


What kind of games can you play with a hacky sack?

Yes there are rules to the game hacky sack. No hands is one of the rules.For more rules and basic moves you can visit

How many sports are there in ancient Greece Olympia?

what kind of punishment are there in ancient Olympia? how did orders go in ancient Olympia? if womans were punished is there punishment were bad? what kind of prizes are there in ancient greec olypia? what kind of titles are there in ancient Greece Olympia? did mens get punished for any sports? where was ancient Greece Olympia started? did womans get to compete through the olympic games? why did ancient Greece have those kind of sports? why were womans aloud to take part of the olympic games? what culture practise are there? why did they have those practises? what were winners crowned with? what religious facitys are there? Note by Rosary Lopapalangi..........

What kind of bows do Olympic archers use?

Recurve bows.