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If you're very good at football but not at any sport in the Olympic games, then winning a Heisman is easier.

If you're very good at a sport that is part of the Olympic games, then the gold medal is easier.

It's kind of a pointless question in the first place, but to put things in perspective: every four years, there a few hundred Olympic gold medals given out (between both the winter and summer games). There are exactly four Heisman trophies given out in that same period.

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Q: Which is harder winning a Heisman or winning an olympic gold medal?
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What does gold medal stands for in Olympic games?

it stands for winning

Are there any cities with a Heisman Trophy winner and an Olympic gold medalist?

Connellsville Pa. Heisman, Johnny Lujac 1947 - Olympic Gold Medal, Johnny Woodruff 1936 Berlin

What event did Daley Thompson do?

The decathlon - winning the olympic gold medal in 1984.

Do Olympic medal winners have to pay for their medals?

No, usually their countries pay them for winning their medals.

What does valerie Adams do for a living?

valerie Adams is an olympic medal winning shot putterest

He prize for winning an event in the Olympic Games was?

A gold medal (no money will ever be awarded).

How much do Olympic gold medal winners get paid BRITAIN?

Great Britain does not give any bonus or award for winning a medal.

What state won the most metals in the Olympics 2008?

list of olympic medal winning countries

What olympic gold medal winning gymnast went on to play Peter Pan?

Cathy rigby

How much money does an American athlete earn from the US Olympic Committee for winning a gold medal in the Olympics?

They earn $25,000.00 for a gold medal.

What was Muhammad ali major accomplish ment?

Sport wise, winning an olympic gold medal in 1960.

Olympic sports with most medal opportunities?

What Olympic sports have the most medal opportunities? What Olympic sports have the most medal opportunities?

Who won the silver medal in 2004 Olympic Women's Gymnastics?

The individual all around from Russia was Svetlana Khorkina won the silver medal. The team all around winning the gold medal was Romania.

What does the olympic gold medal look like?

A round medal with an Olympic logo on it.

How many olympic games did dominique dawes attend?

I know she attended at least 2 - Spain and Atlanta. She ended up winning a bronze medal, and a bronze and a gold medal.

How much does a Grenada athletic get for winning gold medal?

No one is paid for winning Olympic medals directly. However winning one may improve some ones chances of getting a sponsor and advertising contract.

What country has been to the most Olympic games without ever winning a medal?

Well we dont no you will have to find a diffrent wep site not this on BY.

What Olympic Medals did Michelle Kwan win?

Michelle Kwan has an Olympic silver medal and and Olympic bronze medal.

What are the dimensions of an Olympic medal?

The dimension of the olympic medal is 70mm diameter and 6mm thickness

What is an Olympic medal?

particiapation medal 1medal 2 medal 3 medal

How many Olympics games did Dominique Dawes attend?

She competed in 3 olympics and was part of three Olympic medal-winning teams: Barcelona 1992 (bronze), Atlanta 1996 (gold), and Sydney 2000 (bronze). Dawes is the first female gymnast to be a part of three Olympic medal winning teams since Lyudmila Turischeva.

How much do the US athletes get paid for winning gold medals?

The US Olympic committee pays an award bonus of $25,000 for a gold medal.

Where did Sharon davies win olympic medal?


Who is Bart connor?

Bart Conner is an American gymnast. He won a gold medal in the 1984 Olympics for the parallel bars and was part of the men's gold medal-winning Olympic gymnastics team that same year. He is married to fellow Olympic gymnast Nadia Comaneci from Romania.

Who won 2004 olympic soccer gold medal?

Argentina won the 2004 olympic gold medal.