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Yes there are rules to the game hacky sack. No hands is one of the rules.For more rules and basic moves you can visit

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hop scotch

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Q: What kind of games can you play with a hacky sack?
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When was Hacky Sack created?

Hacky Sack was created in 1972.

What country was the hacky sack invented in?

The hacky sack was invented in China. Another name for hacky sacks are footbags.

What is the moat popular venezuelan sport?

venezuelans mostly play soccer and hacky sack

When was a hacky sack made?


When was the hacky sack invented?


Were can you buy a Hacky sack in Chicago?

i don't now

What is the hacky sack record?

5 billion bounces!

How much does a hacky sack weigh?

50 Pounds

Is Hacky Sack toss real game?

yes! i had to do it in P.E.

What does the term hacky sack mean?

The term Hacky Sack is the trademarked name of a type of footbag, but has since become the generic term for either the foot bag itself or the game itself.

What sport was played in pale stine in 33 ad?

hacky sack

Does ray Allen play football?

No ray allen doesn't play football. His favorite sport is actually hacky-sack. Numerous reporters have reported whitnessing him play in the boston celtics locker room. Paul pierce has proticipated in these events with him. Both kick each others hacky-sack in the locker room back and forth. Everyone in the locker room loves to watch.