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Since the NFL went to a 16 game regular season in 1978 there have been seven teams to finish the season 1-15:

1) 1980 New Orleans Saints

2) 1989 Dallas Cowboys

3) 1990 New England Patriots

4) 1991 Indianapolis Colts

5) 1996 New York Jets

6) 2000 San Diego Chargers

7) 2001 Carolina Panthers

As of the start of the 2007 season, no team has lost all 16 games in a season. In 1976, when the NFL season was 14 games, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost all 14 games.

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The 2008 Detroit Lions, who went 0-16.

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Q: Who lost the most NFL games in one season?
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How many consecutive seasons have the colts won 12 or more games?

7 one more season will be a nfl record

How Many Fourth quarter comeback wins does Peyton Manning have?

38, the most 4th quarter comebacks ever by an NFL quarterback. 1998 season- 1 1999 season- 6 2000 season- 2 2001 season- 0 2002 season- 4 2003 season- 3 2004 season- 2 2005 season- 1 2006 season- 4 (3 reg., 1 playoff) 2007 season- 1 2008 season- 4 2009 season- 7 (most 4th quarter comebacks in an NFL regular season) 2010 season- 0 2011 season- 0 (out the whole season with an injury) 2012 season- 3

Who has won the most NFL football games the Raiders or Niners?

According to, the 49ers all time record as of the start of the 2007 season is 509-400-15 and the Raiders all time record is 421-319-11.

How many teams has Peyton Manning played for in the NFL?

Just one, in the 2007 Super Bowl against the Bears, which they won.Update:Peyton Manning has now played in two Super Bowls; the aforementioned, and Super Bowl 44 in 2010, which the Colts lost to the Saints.

How many games has the colts won in 5 years?

The Colts have won an NFL record 23 consecutive regular-season games and 11 consecutive road games. The last game Indianapolis had won was played in Week #15, Dec.17.2009. The Colts are trying with two games remaining, to tie the 2007 New England Patriots with their 16-0 perfect winning season. The Colts have already surpassed the previous consecutive regular-season game streak set by New England with 21 games.

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What NFL team has lost the most OT games in one season?

The Lions

What NFL team holds the record for the most consecutive games lost?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost all 14 games in their first season (1976) and the first 12 games of their second season. The total of 26 consecutive losses is an NFL record.

What NFL Team lost the most games in 2008 season?

The Detroit Lions, Losing ALL of their regular season game ending the season with 16 losses

Since the 2000 season which NFL team has lost the most games?

The Detroit Lions, with 109 losses since 2000.

What teams are undeafeted in NFL?

no team in the NFL this season is undefeated but the colts and the saints were but lost a couple of games

What NFL teams have not lost 15 games in one season?

houston texas

Which NFL team has lost the most games?

As of the end of the 2013 season, the arizona cardinals have 717 total franchise losses and that is the most amoung active teams

What NFL team was the first to lose 600 games?

As of the start of the 2008 season, the Arizona Cardinals are the only franchise in the NFL to have lost 600+ games.

What is the most preseason games played in a single nfl season per team?

4 is the amount of preseason games played by a NFL team in a season.

Who won the most games in one season in the NFL in 2006?

The San Diego Chargers only lost two games ending with a 14-2 record and becoming the number 1 seed in the AFC division and the NFL

What NFL team did not win a game in 2008 season?

The 2008 Detroit Lions lost all 16 regular-season games.

Which football team has won the most post season games?

The Dallas Cowboys have won the most, 32 NFL post season games.