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The 2008 Detroit Lions lost all 16 regular-season games.

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Q: What NFL team did not win a game in 2008 season?
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Which NFL teams have not won a playoff game?

As of the 2008 season, the only NFL team that has never won a playoff game is the Houston Texans.

What is the last NFL team that lost every game in a season?

The 2008 Detroit Lions were 0-16.

Who has uniform changes in the upcoming NFL season?

No NFL team will have uniform changes for the 2008 season.

NFL average points per game?

In the 2008 NFL season, the average points scored per team per game was 22.0 and 44 points for both teams per game. 11,279 total points were scored in the 2008 season.

What NFL team has not won a game in 2008?

no one lost a game in 2008

Who was the best team in the NFL for 2008?

The Pittsburgh Steelers. They were the 2008 season champions.

What NFL Team lost the most games in 2008 season?

The Detroit Lions, Losing ALL of their regular season game ending the season with 16 losses

What is the average score for one team in an NFL game?

For the 2007 NFL season, that was 21.7 points per game. For the 2006 NFL season, 20.7 points per game and for the 2005 NFL season, 20.6 points per game.

What NFL team has most penalties in the 2008-2009 season?


What 11-5 NFL teams have missed the playoffs?

Since the NFL went to a 16 game regular season in 1978, the 1985 Denver Broncos and the 2008 New England Patriots are the only 11-5 NFL team to not have made the postseason through the 2008 season.

What nfl team scored the most cumulative points in the 2008 season?

The New Orlean Saints 463 points in 2008 making them the NFL top scoring team

Which nfl team was the best in the 2008 season?

the giants,they won the super bowl

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