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The Dallas Cowboys have won the most, 32 NFL post season games.

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Q: Which football team has won the most post season games?
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What does post season mean in football?

Post season is where the nseson ends and they start the playoffs.

Why the term bowl for a football game?

The term "bowl" originated from the Rose Bowl Stadium, site of the first post-season college football games.

What NFL team has won the most consecutive games in post-season?


What was the most games ever played by an nba team in one season?

An NBA team plays 82 games per season, but including the post season they could play as much as 110 games.

Who played the most games in mlb history without appearing in the post season?

Ernie Banks of the Chicago Cubs played in a record 2528 reguar season games (1954-1971) without ever appearing in a post season game.

What mlb team has won the most games in a single season?

seattle- regular season(117 i think) yanks-reg and post season(125)

Which major league team has won the most post-season games?

The Yankees, of course. But who is number two?

How many times have the broncos played in the post season?

The Broncos have played 32 post-season games in the course of 20 post-seasons.

How many games are in baseball?

In the regular season there are 162 games not including spring training or the post season

How many games does a NFL football team play at home?

A NFL Team's home games in a typical season: Preseason: 2 Home games Regular Season: 8 Home Games Post Season: * If Wild Card: Up to 1 home game * If Division Champion: Up to 2 Home Games 2 preseason games, 8 regular season games and up to 2 playoff games.

How many more football games until Super Bowl 44?

Number of Games until Super Bowl XLIV 2008: 2 - Super Bowl XLIII, 2008/9 Pro Bowl 2009: 65 pre season games, 256 regular season games, 10 post season games and 1 probowl

Which 4 active Major League Baseball players has played in the most post season games and how many games it that?

Prior to the 2010 MLB post season ... 1) Derek Jeter - 138 games 2) Jorge Posada and Manny Ramirez - 111 games 4) Chipper Jones - 92 games

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