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Q: What NFL teams have not lost 15 games in one season?
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What teams are undeafeted in NFL?

no team in the NFL this season is undefeated but the colts and the saints were but lost a couple of games

What NFL teams have lost all regular season games?

Detroit Lions went 0-16 in 2008

Which NFL teams have lost the most playoff games?


How many regular season games for NFL teams?

16 per regular season

How many times do NFL teams play each other in a regular season?

There are sixteen games in the NFL season. Teams face their divisional opponents twice during the regular season. The other eight weeks of the season, teams will play teams in other divisions and conferences.

What NFL teams lost their first three games and made the playoffs?


How many total games are played by all nfl teams during the regular season?

16 games in the regular season

How many NFL teams lost 16 games?

In 2008, the only team to lose 16 games were the, Detroit Lions. They finished that 2008 season with an 0-16 record.

What NFL teams have won 600 games?

Three teams in the NFL have won 600 or more games thru week 6 of the 2013 NFL season. The teams are: The Chicago Bears, 726 regular season wins The Green Bay Packers, 693 regular season wins The New York Giants, 654 regular season wins

What NFL teams lost every game in the 2008 season?

The Detroit Lions. They were 0-16

Which NFL team has lost the most games?

As of the end of the 2013 season, the arizona cardinals have 717 total franchise losses and that is the most amoung active teams

How many regular season games did teams play in the 1984 NFL seaon?


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