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Royal Lytham and St. Annes has a par 3 as the opening hole, it plays 206 yards from the Championship tee. It will host The Open in 2012.

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Q: Which The Open venues has a par 3 as the first hole?
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What comes before a par 3?

Depends on where the par 3 falls on the golf course. Obviously if the first hole is a par 3, then nothing comes before it, however if the par 3 is the 17th hole then the answer would be the 16th holes comes before the par 3.

What is the first shot on a par three hole?

The first shot on a par three, just like the first shot on any hole is called the tee shot. There is no special name for it.

What and how much is a par in golf?

Par is set by the course designer and will yake into account the length of the hole and potential difficulty. Usually a par 72 course will have 2-4 par five hole and the same number of par 3 holes. All other will be par 4. This is a classic or historical course design.

What in golf describes a score of one par on a particular hole?

Par for the hole.

What is birdie a bogey an eagle?

Birdie: one under par for that hole e.g. 3 on a par 4 Bogey: one over the par for that hole e.g. 5 on a par 4 eagle: two under the par for that hole e.g 3 on a par 5 or 2 on a par 4

What is a 3 in a 5 par golf hole?

It's an eagle. 1 under par on a hole = birdie 2 under par on a hole = eagle 3 under par on a hole = double eagle

What does birdie mean in golf?

A birdie is one stroke under par on a given hole.

What is a birdie in golf?

A birdie is a hole played one stroke under par.

What is the highest par rating in golf?

Yes, there is no professionally accepted hole to have any higher than a par of 5.

A standard score for a hole of golf?

On standard golf courses holes usually vary between par 3, par 4 and par 5. A complete round is usually par 72 - an average of 4 for each hole.Par here refers to the number of stroke a first-class player ought to require to complete the hole.

In golf what is a hole completed in one under par called?

One under par on a hole is called a "birdie".

What score does a bird get you in golf?

A "birdie" is not a specific score, it's one under whatever par for the hole is. If it's a par 3 hole, then a birdie is 2; if it's a par 5 hole, a birdie is 4.