What comes before a par 3?

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Depends on where the par 3 falls on the Golf course. Obviously if the first hole is a par 3, then nothing comes before it, however if the par 3 is the 17th hole then the answer would be the 16th holes comes before the par 3.

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Q: What comes before a par 3?
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What comes before part B?

Part A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Par-tay!

What par is harder a par 3 or par 4?

par 3

Did the word 'par' originate from golf?

== == No. It comes from the Latin word "par" meaning "equal".

How many strokes do you need to get a par in golf?

When its a par 3 you need 3 for a par. When its a par 4 then 4 strokes, and finally a par 5 you need 5 strokes.

How do you gir in golf?

GIR means green in regulation. This basically means getting on the green 2 shots before the par for that hole. For example if it is a par 5 GIR would be on the green in 3, if it is a par 4 GIR would be on the green for 2 and if it is a par 3 GIR would be on the green in 1

On a par five what is three under par considered?

An Albatross is 3 under par on a par 5.

Has anyone made an eagle on a par 3 par 4 and par 5 in the same day 27 holes I did it today par 3 was 122 yards par 4 was 331 yards 15foot putt and par 5 was 485 yards uphill 15 foot putt?

Although it is a great achievement, I have heard of someone doing it at a local club. So yes, someone has achieved it before you.

Is there just par 3 and 4 in golf or can there be par 5 and 6?

Depending on the golf course, the set par can be anything, but it is very common for the par to be 3 and 4

What and how much is a par in golf?

If a hole, say hole 1 is a par 3, par 4, or par 5 then the course is telling you if you hit the ball in the hole in the number par then you are even with par. If you hit the ball in the hole on a Par 4 in only 3 hits then you are one under par or -1 for that hole. If you hit the ball in the hole in 5 hits on a par 3 then you are +2 for that hole. So a Par is hitting the ball in the hole in the estimated number for that hole. Par will always be set at 3, 4, 5

What is a par 3?

A "Par 3" is a short hole. It is anicipated that it will take 3 strokes from the tee to the cup.

Describe a birdie in golf?

In golf a birdie is one under par on a given hole. So a 2 on a par 3, 3 on a par 4 and 4 on a par 5.

What is the Number of par 5 on golf course?

each standard 18 hole 72par course has 3 par 3 holes, 3 par 5 holes and the remaining 12 holes are par 4.

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