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wash them. then soke them in a mix of 3 cups of hot water,2 tbsp of white sugar, half a tsp of lavender oil and half a tsp of grape seed oil leave in mix for 1 hour then coverin a good hand cream or vitarmin E cream

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Q: What should you do to your ripped blistered hands after gymnastics?
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What should you do to your blistered and ripped hands after doing bars in gymnastics?

Lots of moisturizer does the trick and keep it covered during the day. At night moisturize it and put a glove over top to keep the moisture in.

How is friction used in gymnastics?

friction in gymnastics is hanging on bars. they rub chalk so there hands are rough and they get good grip.

How do you tell if you need new gymnastics grips?

Well It's better to have grips by the time your level 5 but if your hands slip on the bar easily than you should get grips.

What does matching mean in gymnastics?

putting both hands or feet on the same hold or feature

Biomechanics of a squat turn?

The biomechanics of a squat turn in gymnastics requires that the body be tucked when on the balance beam,. The hands should not touch the beam and the back must be kept straight.

What is a cartwheel used for in gymnastics?

In gymnastics, a cartwheel is used to travel in a straight line across the mat while keeping the body sideways and can be performed with both, one or no hands.

What is good sport for girls with big hands and big feet?

Gymnastics would be a good choice

What is a headstand in gymnastics?

You put your hands and head on the ground and then stick your legs up like in a handstand. Your head and hands form a tripod shape.

What is a salto in gymnastics?

A salto in gymnastics is a flip in which your hands are not used. Front and back saltos are perfomed in tucked, piked, and layout positions.

What is done to.?

His ears are cut off with a knife then his genitals are ripped off for the dogs. Then his hands and feet are hacked off.

What does the term tripod mean in gymnasticstripod in gymnastics?

in gymnastics the term tripod means a certain move that gymnastics do. When doing a tripod one stands on their head with their head framing one leg of the tripod, and their two hands making the other two legs of the tripod.

What are some questions for gymnastics?

How many apparatus are used by women in gymnastics? What is the rotation order of the women's apparatus? What do the women use on their hands on the apparatus the uneven bars? How long does a floor routine go for? How long is the beam?