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Q: In which Sport is the term Net Shot used?
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The term net shot is associated with?

Badminton by karan jain

What type of shot is used when a player is at the net and hits the ball before it bounces on his side of the net?

There is no official name for that shot. It is generally considered a layup, depending on how they shoot the ball.

Which sport uses a net a racket and a shuttlecock?

Badminton is a racquet sport that uses a net and a shuttlecock.

A high arcing in tennis shot?

Usually called a Lob shot. It is used to either draw your opponent to the back of the court or to hit over him if he is at the net.

Why does my shot the ground to early in front of the net?

It is because your stick has too much whip. Whip is a term in lacrosse used to describe the point that the ball comes out of your stick. If you have too much whip, the ball will shoot at the ground. If you have to little whip, the ball will fly over the net.

What do net stand for?

net has several meanings: net pay is the same as take-home pay after all your deductions, net is used is sport like tennis or volley ball, then there is net like a network of people working for the same company.

What is a drop shot in tennis?

A drop shot is a shot in raquet sports which requires slicing the ball, putting a backspin on the ball just over the net.

What is a shot called that travels just over the net and bounces close to the net in tennis?

A shot that bounces twice very close to the net is called a dropshot.

What sport a higher net?


What is net flight in badminton?

net flight- a shot in which the bird follows the net in a short flight.

Sport arms Miami FL?

Sport Arms of Miami Florida manufacture and at one time may have been importers of handguns. I came across the brand name on an unusual 22 cal pistol that has a barrel that swivels. It is a 2 shot derringer looking gun. The used ones on the net are rather expensive. I have not found if they are still in business.

Where did the term nothing but net come from?

No one can be certain on the origination of the basketball phrase of "nothing but net". The reason for this is that basketball has and is played in all types of venues such as high school, college and professional leagues.What the term means, however, is that the ball is shot from the players' hand and goes through the basketball hoop without touching the metal hoop. Thus it "swishes" through and hits only the net hanging from the rim.