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This is probably the most disappointing way to bowl a 240 game.

It's not far outside the realm of possibility. Before my brother bowled the first of his six 300 games, he had a game where he got the first 10 strikes. He was so nervous on his next shot that he threw it in the gutter. He picked up the spare for a 280 game.

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Q: Nine consecutive strikes but gutters both attempts in the 10th frame?
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How many points for strikes in al frames?

If you throw strikes in every frame, meaning 12 consecutive strikes, you have just shot a perfect game. This means that you scored 300 points

Can you get three strikes on the tenth frame?


How much points is a turkey in bowling?

First Response:Three Turkeys.Second Response:If you are looking at it as a turkey is a strike thrown in three consecutive frames, then the answer is three. If you look at a turkey as three consecutive strikes, then the answer is four. There are twelve possible strikes in a perfect game of bowling (12 / 3 = 4).

What are the different names for strikes?

The progression of strikes is as follows: On the left are standard names, on right are some odd names I have seen or heard through the years.1 = Strike2 = Double3 = Turkey or Gobbler4 = Hambone5 = Recently heard referred to as yatzee or five bagger6 = Sometimes referred to as a six pack or six bagger or wild turkey.7 = Seven baggger8 = Eight bagger9 = Nine bagger or golden turkey10 = Ten bagger11 = Eleven bagger12 = Twelve bagger or 300 game or Perfect GameAnything after a strike may be referred to as a(n) "x bagger" (where x = number of consecutive strikes), 5 bagger or 7 bagger for example. They may also simply be referred to as "x in a row.""Front x" - The number of consecutive strikes thrown starting with the first frame. For example, the front seven (strikes in frams 1-7)."Back x" or "x out the door" - The number of consecutive strikes thrown through the tenth frame. For example, the back seven (stikes in frames 6-10).

How many strikes does it take to get a 300?

It takes 12 Strikes to get a 300 in 10 Pin Bowling. There is 10 frames but on the last frame you are able to get 3 strikes

What is the most you can get in a frame of bowling?

the maximum count for each frame id 30. you get the count for each ball thrown (2) in each frame. if all pins are knocked down with two balls, it is scored a spare in which you all ten pins plus the count that is knocked down on the first in the next frame. If a strike is bowled then you get the 10 pins from this frame plus the count from the next two balls thrown whether it take two balls in the next frame or two more consecutive strikes.

What is three strikes in a row in the last frame of the game?

same as 3 strikes in a row anywhere else in the game, a turkey

Why do you get 300 points in 12 frames of bowling?

A bowling game is only 10 frames long. What appears to be the 11th and 12th frames in a perfect game of 12 consecutive strikes are just the extra frames bowled for the bowler's strike in the 10th and final frame. They do not score on their own, merely count as bonus pins in the 10th frame.

What is the bowling frame that does not have a strike or a spare called?

Yes, a game with all marks (Spares and Strikes) is called a clean game.

What is the lowest bowling score you can get with six strikes?

The absolute lowest score would be 60. First frame - Strike Second frame - Two Gutter Balls Third frame - Strike Fourth frame - Two Gutter Balls Fifth frame - Strike Sixth frame - Two Gutter Balls Seventh frame - Two Gutter Balls Eighth frame - Two Gutter Balls Ninth frame - Two Gutter Balls Tenth frame - 3 Strikes (Total points here = 30)

How does spares and strikes count in bowling?

Strikes are 10 pins plus the next two ball counts thrown. Spares are 10 pins plus the next ball count thrown. As an example. The first frame had a strike and the second frame had a 9 and a spare and the third frame had a 8 and a 1. For the first frame, it would be 10+9+1 = 20. For the second frame it would be 10+8.

How many balls in the tenth frame?

3 if you get two strikes or a spare. otherwise, only two.