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it's an okay time but nothing to brag about. like when i was 13, myself and 5 other male 13 year old friends ran the 400 and we got around 4 minutes 5 seconds with very little practice.

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Q: Is 77 seconds a good time to run 400m in for a 13 year old boy on a grass track?
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If a truck travels 400m in 20 seconds how fast is it going?

If a truck travels 400m in 20 seconds how fast is it going

Is 5.51 seconds a good 40 yard dash time for a 13 year old on grass?

It's not very good but it's not terrible I ran a 5.1 on a track you should probably time yourself on a track and see if it's any different.

What is good time for 400m 14 year old girl?

At least 55 seconds and below

What is a good time for a 30yr old 400m?

It Depends ..... If You Are An Track Runner And You Are An Boy You Should Make It In Atleast 50 Sec If You Are An Girl That Runs Track You Should Make It In Atleast 52 Sec -Marteas

What is a good 400m time for u13 boy?

i am 13 and i got 57 for 400m

What is a good 100 time?

About thirteen to fourteen seconds if you are referring to track

Are the following good times for a 13year old girl to run and which do you think i am best at 100m 16.65seconds 200m 38seconds 400m 1minute 21seconds 1500m 6minutes 36seconds 3miles 24minutes?

Personally i am on a Summer track team and i am 13, and the girls i run with most of our times for the 100m is 12 and 13 seconds, the 200m is 27,28,29,30, and 31 seconds, then the 400m times we get are 1 minute flat up to 1 minute and 8 seconds!! Those times are kinda slow, but i know if you practice as hard as us girls do you can totally do it! :)...Also im not sure about the 1500 or the 3 miles!

How do you run a 400m race?

I train running 300s in about 48seconds. (I run about 55-59 second 400s). I also run 150s in about 21 seconds. I think if you run that 150 pace throughout the entire 400, you'll fare pretty good. In training, I can never run my 400 at the speed that I run it at the meet. My track coach when he was in high school, he'd run his 1st 200 in 24 and last in 26 (for a 50 second 400m) I hope that helps!

I am a freshman and i run a 53 400 m dash. What will it be by time im a senior?

alight look bro im an 8th grader and i run it in 57 seconds this past track meet te one before that one i was running a 1.05 in the 400m dash so like in 2 weeks i brought it down 8 seconds and that's practicing mon thru fri and also to run faster drink alot of water,spikes,and energy pills (they really help) by a senior if you run every day at the track a 400m twice then it will be a 43 to a 46 so good luck 43 is the world record 48 should be your senior goal

What is the appropriate unit to measure the distance ran over a one week period?

As there are the 100m, 200m, 400m, 1500m 10,000m races, I think metres is a good measurement to use. Track races are normally run round a 400m track, so the longer races are measured using a count of 400m laps, for example 1500m is 3 3/4 laps of a 400m track. The one exception could possibly be the marathon which is not run around a track and which at 26 miles 385 yards is about 42195m = 42.195km and kilometres would be a better measurement.

Why are running tracks 400 meters?

In my opinion, it is not if you are running anything more than a 55m dash. Since there are so many turns, you most likely won't get as good times as on a 400m track.

How long does it take to sprint 300 meters?

Depends on the level of runner. The world record is held by Michael Johnson at 30.85 seconds. He also holds the 400m world record 43.18 seconds.