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change out the hub

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Q: How do you put a 9 tooth back wheel sprocket on a bmx?
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Can you put a 23 tooth sprocket on a mongoose bmx bike?

Not a sprocket only, but you can buy a 23-tooth freewheel that should fit.

What is a freewheel bmx?

There are two different hub designs for BMX, freewheels and freehubs. You need to know what you have if you want to replace the sprocket by the rear wheel.

I need 9 tooth sprocket on my BMX bike for the back do I need a driver or can I just put a freewheel on and what do I need know about fitting it I know about the chain stuff already?

You can get a 9 tooth sprocket, you will need a conversion kit to do it. Haro makes a decent one just do a search for Haro 25/9

What is the smallest sort of sprocket you can get for a bmx?

As far a the sprocket in the front goes, i think they make them as small as 22 tooth, and in the back, it is called a freewheel or a driver. Freewheels are generally larger and drivers are smaller. Drivers can go as small as 8 teeth i beleave.

Will a bmx chainring sprocket fit on a mountain bike i have a carrera vulcan and i just want it all single speed and i have a bmx eastern sprocket will it fit?

It will if you have bmx (or bmx style) cranks.

Can a 9 tooth driver fit on any bmx bike hub?

No. a 9T sprocket will only fit a cassette hub, and not freewheel hubs.

What is the smallest size sprocket for a bmx you can get without getting a casset wheel?

Guessing an 11T cog (sproket), maybe a custom 10T.

How many gears does a standard bmx bike have?

Two, but this is not the same as how many speeds the BMX bike in question has. A BMX bike has a sprocket in the front, and a cog in the back and each is a gear, but is considered a single speed bicycle because two gears and a chain are required for transmission of rotational force from the crankset to the rear wheel.

What are teeth on bmx?

In the drive train you have the front chainwheel/ring and the rear sprocket that both engage the chain. The pointy bits on sprocket and chainwheel which allows the chain to grip are called teeth. The ratio between the tooth counts is what determines which gear ratio the bike has.

How do you swap sprockets on a bmx?

take the cranks off and then take your old sprocket off and then put the new one on and then put the cranks back on.

How do you fakie on a bmx?

bmx fakieRide towards a wall slowly, when your front wheel hits it push backwards while pedaling. Keep your weight central to keep your balance. Be carefull not to lean too far back or forward whilst fakieing, as it is harder to keep your balance. Keep your body inline with your sprocket and just pedal back. Good luck!Or just use a flatbank...

Will a 25 tooth sprocket fit a 9 tooth cassette?

Yes...this is the most comon gear ratio on bmx's. this is because it allows a good balance of accelration and top speed while still giving you the clearance to be able to roll into most quarter pipes.