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You can get a 9 tooth sprocket, you will need a conversion kit to do it. Haro makes a decent one just do a search for Haro 25/9

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Q: I need 9 tooth sprocket on my BMX bike for the back do I need a driver or can I just put a freewheel on and what do I need know about fitting it I know about the chain stuff already?
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So I bent the sprocket on my bike 09 HARO F2 now I am looking at a 25t sprocket but the problem is i only have about 80 dollars for both parts and I dont know what size driver or freewheel i need?

If the driver/freewheel isn't too badly worn you can keep using it even if you replace the sprocket.

Can you take a driver of the back wheel of a bmx?

I don't really know what you're calling a driver, but it's probably the sprocket and the freewheel mechanism. And yes, it can be removed. You need a special tool, a freewheel puller, and it has to match the make of the freewheel that you have. check out for more info.

Can a 9 tooth driver fit on any bmx bike hub?

No. a 9T sprocket will only fit a cassette hub, and not freewheel hubs.

What size freewheel do you need for a 24t sprocket?

Unless by freewheel you mean driver (in which case 8-9) I haven't ridden bmx in a few years but last time I checked the smallest freewheel you could buy was 12 tooth which would make for quite a low ratio

What is the smallest sort of sprocket you can get for a bmx?

As far a the sprocket in the front goes, i think they make them as small as 22 tooth, and in the back, it is called a freewheel or a driver. Freewheels are generally larger and drivers are smaller. Drivers can go as small as 8 teeth i beleave.

What size driver goes with a 33t sprocket?

13t driver goes on a 33t sprocket

What kind of sprocket do you want for a small bicycle chain?

well if you have a 8 tooth rear driver you will need a 23t sprocket, if u have a 9 tooth rear driver you will need a 25t sprocket, if u have a 10 tooth rear driver you will need a 28t sprocket, and if you have a 11 tooth rear driver you will need a 30t sprocket

What size sprocket can a 9 tooth driver fit on?

a 25 tooth sprocket will fit on a 9 tooth driver

Can you get 10 tooth freewheel bmx?

possibly, if you have the kind of hub where its solid and you can put on a single piece freewheel than no. But if you have the kinde where you need the single piece freewheel and a bolt to hold it on that yes. what you do is spin the thing that holds it on off and screw your nine piece driver it.

What size driver fits on a 25 tooth sprocket?

9 tooth driver

Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a 2.7L 6cyl engine for a dodge intrepid?

Front of the engine, points at the driver side cam sprocket.Front of the engine, points at the driver side cam sprocket.

What size sprocket can match with a 12 tooth driver?

Any size will work. What'll work best depends on what you want it for. Higher top speed - go for a big sprocket. Quicker off the start - go for a smaller sprocket.