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Q: How did you feel while jogging in place for 5 minutes?
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Is it bad if you feel like your heart is about to explode after only 5 minutes of jogging..even if you're not overweight or anything?


What time should you have running 3 miles?

At a jogging pace of six miles per hour, you would run a three mile course - depending on grade - in 30 minutes. Your time will depend on how long and hard you've been training, your age, and how you feel on that particular day. Elite level runners will cover this distance in about 15 minutes, while a brisk walk will take about 45 minutes.

What is a good way to lose fat?

There is no such thing as an easy way out of trying to lose weight, if you have fat on your thighs, bottom, and belly like me, try jogging for half an hour a day and gradually boost the time up 5 or 10 minutes if you feel that it is getting easier. They say you should also always "feel the burn." When your muscles feel like they are burning it is a good thing that means they are becoming stronger and building up more. While gaining muscle and burning off the fat you will feel the confidence and improvement on your self-esteam and body, guaranteed!! :)

Do you feel tired after jogging?

Yes, it is natural to feel tired as your heart rate increases due to the fact that you are exercising. During jogging you breathe a lot more then you are used to which leads to you becoming tired after you run. The feeling of tiredness is also due to your body adjusting to coming to a halt (stopping).

How did the bulb feel after lit up 2 minutes?

bulb feel after being lit up for 2 minutes

Can jogging affect your pregnancy in early stages?

No, exercising is good for you and very important when pregnant and as long as you feel good things are fine.

Is it normal to have depression while being pregnant?

Yes, it is normal to sometimes feel depressed while pregnant due to the hormonal changes taking place at the time.

What is the song playing during the cell phone commercial where the guy gets out of bed and goes jogging?

Calvin Harris - Feel So Close

Describe your exact feelings and experience while riding kingda ka.?

boring...Not.. I feel high, drunk, crazy and my heart drops to my stomache and stays there for about 5 minutes

Highlights on staying active and fit?

if you want to stay active and fit especailly during the summer, then why not take up jogging or even mild running. jogging is a great way to stay on your toes and makes people feel good about them selves after they have been for a 1-5mile run.

How long after a meal do you feel energy?

about ten minutes.

Will walking jogging help to reduce uric acid?

I feel better after morning jogg of about 2 Km, and feel frash though out the day but i don't know that medical point of view it is recommended or not. Doctor may help in this regard