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1 is the record and that was me !!

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Q: What is the record attendance for a single world cup soccer match?
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What is the record attendance for a 4th tier Soccer match?

49118 set today by Glasgow rangers watp

What was the largest attendance for a soccer match?

new zealand

What was the largest ever attendance for a football match at the world cup?

the record is 199,854

What is the largest football league match attendance record for England?

It was at Chelsea in 2004.

What is the Record attendance at football match?

what team haas had the biggest attendance in English football Millwall hold the record for tickets sold by one team at wembley 50000 plus . because people care about millwalls record the question was what is the record attendance at football match? Not how many tickets can the pikies flog. And i suggest you Google it = )

What is Fulham FC's highest attendance?

The current maximum attendance at Craven Cottage is 22,200. The record attendance was 49,335 for a match against Millwall in October 1938.

Can a girl break her engagement for soccer match attendance?

yes if a boy can then a girl can do .. btw im a boy

What was the attendance at the Celtic v Aberdeen Scottish Cup final in 1938?

The official attendance was 146,433 although it is thought there were more people there. This is the British record for a club match.

What record has Lionel Messi broke?

Lionel broke the country record in scoring the perfect goal at the soccer match

What is the smallest attendance for a World Cup match?

The smallest turnout for a soccer world cup was around 200-1000 people turned up to a Greece vs Spain match.

When does soccer match end?

what soccer match

What is the record attendance for a darts match?

22 March 2012 - Dublin, Premier League, sell-out crowd of 9000 people.

What is the Highest overall attendance in a French league match?

The highest overall attendance in a French league match was 8,086,774 in 2004.

Which player has the record of most catches in a single match of IPL?

Sachin Tendulkar

Which cricketer has the record for most sixes in a single test match?

wasim akram

What is Algeria's 2010 world cup record?

They failed to win a single match.

Highest excact attendence in a soccer match?

its hard to give an exact attendance because it was not well documented in early matches but the 1950 final group stage match between Brazil and Uruguay had 173,850 paid spectators for the match with around 210,000 probably in attendance overall. the 1923 FA Cup final officially had 126,047 in attendance but it could possibly have been between 150,000 and 300,000

What was the highest attendance for a football match at Highbury stadium?

The highest attendance for a football match at highbury stadium is 6150 at 13 November 1965

Who was the first soccer player?

The first soccer player would be whoever took kick off in the first ever match. The first ever international match was between England and Scotland in 1860. The first club match is not as far as I know record.

How many points did will chamberlain score in his record breaking single match score?


What is the record for maximum number of goals scored by one player in single match?

What sport?

Which player holds the record for the most catches in a single match in the ipl?

Chris Gayle

How can you watch a live soccer match?

Go to where the soccer match is being played!

When did Super Match Soccer happen?

Super Match Soccer happened in 1998.

What was the Lowest attendance at an international football match?