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Mostly can they shoot and score.

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2009-04-30 13:34:39
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Q: What do girl basketball scouts look for in a player?
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What do basketball scouts look for in a player?

Basketball Scouts Look For Good Defense , Lots of Footwork Passing ; Scoring ability

What does a Girl Scout uniform look like in the Dominican Republic?

Asociación De Guías Scouts Dominicanas Inc. According to Wikipedia, Girl Scouts in the Dominican Republic wear the same uniforms as Girl Scouts of the USA.

What do football scouts look for in a player?

They Look For Them To Be A Fast Runner And Have Confidence In Them Self That Was A Good Question

What do Girl Scouts in Iceland look like?

Icelandic Girl Scouts [Bandalag Íslenskra Skáta (the Icelandic Boy and Girl Scout Association)] look like any other girls. When participating in Girl Scout activities, they wear a uniform shirt and a neckerchief/scarf.

What does the Girl Scout uniform look like in China?

Mainland China or the People's Republic of China does not have any Girl Guides or Girl Scouts.

How can one become a Girl Scouts?

To become a girl scout, one must look around locally and find a girl scout camp in their community. After finding said girl scout camp, they must approach the executives and see if they are looking for new members. Another way to sign up for girl scouts is to look at their website online. For example, to become a part of the Girl Scouts of the USA, one can go on their not-for-profit website and sign up there.

Where other than the us is girl scout located?

There are Girl Scouts and Girl Guides in countries all over the world - 145 countries according to the WAGGGS web site. For a complete list, you can look at the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts web site.

Why did Girl Scouts of America change the color of their uniforms during world war 2?

Girl Scouts changed the color of their uniforms to khaki so that they would look more like the US Army in WWII.

How do you find a cool basketball player?

you look at levin sam

What do soccer talent scouts look towards a soccer player?

talent scouts look for how well you can work with your teammates, ball control, accuracy, and speed. Skill and athleticism are top attributes to look for because these are unteachable things. Instincts, vision, and positioning are things that are gained with player experience.

Who is Kelly Kaigler?

He is a great basketball player, I look forward to watching him were ever he continue his basketball career!

What are the qualities a coach look for in a prospective NBA basketball player?


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