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They Look For Them To Be A Fast Runner And Have Confidence In Them Self

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Q: What do football scouts look for in a player?
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What does football scouts look for?

Well they look for talented footballers!!

What do basketball scouts look for in a player?

Basketball Scouts Look For Good Defense , Lots of Footwork Passing ; Scoring ability

What do girl basketball scouts look for in a player?

Mostly can they shoot and score.

How do you get scouted as a football player in remote countries?

one way to get the attention of soccer scouts is to play your best game and get assists or goals for your team.another way to get the attention of soccer scouts is to be a team player

Which football clubs have scouts?

All major clubs have scouts.

How do you become a football scout?

go to scouts and play football

How can you get scouts attention for football in high school?

Make big plays they always look for a big time play maker.

Can i be a pro football player in South Africa?

if you're good enough to be looked at by scouts. any foreign player can play in the NFL if you're good enough.

What do soccer talent scouts look towards a soccer player?

talent scouts look for how well you can work with your teammates, ball control, accuracy, and speed. Skill and athleticism are top attributes to look for because these are unteachable things. Instincts, vision, and positioning are things that are gained with player experience.

What does a football player look like?

Football players can look from a variety of appearances, footballers look just like normal people.

What games do you play in scouts?

widegame ,nightgame ,football

How do you get noticed in high school football?

By college scouts

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