What does football scouts look for?

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Well they look for talented footballers!!

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Q: What does football scouts look for?
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What do football scouts look for in a player?

They Look For Them To Be A Fast Runner And Have Confidence In Them Self That Was A Good Question

Which football clubs have scouts?

All major clubs have scouts.

How do you become a football scout?

go to scouts and play football

How can you get scouts attention for football in high school?

Make big plays they always look for a big time play maker.

What games do you play in scouts?

widegame ,nightgame ,football

How do you get noticed in high school football?

By college scouts

How do you get drafted to play professional Football soccer when no scouts come to your area?

If you are really committed and really want to play pro, you need to move to a town that has a good and known Football (soccer) team. If you can't do this go onto and they show coaches and scouts and you could e-mail them and tell them about your skills. Maybe they will come up to see you. They will look anywhere to find the best. To make it in Football you need to get in contact with your local England there are scouts from EPL Football teams at local games and also they have international scouts based all over the world

What age should you start to try to get college soccer scouts look at you?

You should start trying to get college scouts to look at you at around age 16. This is when you will be a prime target for the scouts.

What do basketball scouts look for in a player?

Basketball Scouts Look For Good Defense , Lots of Footwork Passing ; Scoring ability

Where could you go to college and have soccer scouts look at you?

where scouts lookusually, in state colleges like rutgers or Miami University but some do look in local colleges and a lot of division 1 and 2 scouts look there too.

How do you join scouts?

look in the news paper

Description of football career?

that you have to be good in it for the scouts to make you an offer to play with their team

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