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Mike Krzyzewski of Duke has the most Final Fours with 10. Roy Williams of UNC is next with seven. Tom Izzo of Michigan State and Rick Pitino of Louisville each have 5. Jim Calhoun, Billy Donovan, Ben Howland, Jim Boeheim and Steve Fisher each have three appearances. Gary Williams of Maryland and John Calipari of Kentucky are the only other active coaches with multiple Final Four appearances, with two each,

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2009-07-13 23:10:17
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Q: Active coaches with most NCAA Final fours?
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Who are the active black head coaches in ncaa 1 basketball?


How many active NCAA division 1 basketball coaches have won a national championship?

As of March 2011, that would be 11 coaches (NCAA Div I men's)

How many teams have gone to consecutive final fours?

Eleven teams have played in consecutive Final Fours in the NCAA. UCLA has the record with 10 appearances from 1967 to 1976.

Who are the active black coaches in NCAA division 1 baseball?

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Who was the first NCAA college basketball team to make it to 5 consecutive final fours?


How many active NCAA FBS college football coaches have won the Heisman Trophy as a player?

1. Steve Spurrier

How many times has UCLA been to the final four?

UCLA has appeared in 18 Final Fours: 1962, 1964, 1965, 1967-1976, 1980, 1995, 2006-2008. The 1980 Final Four was vacated by the NCAA due to violations, but technically, UCLA has appeared in 18 Final Fours, tied with North Carolina.

Which NCAA Men's Basketball teams have gone to the most Final Fours?

Through March Madness 2008, North Carolina and UCLA are credited with 18 Final Four appearances which is the tops of all schools. UCLA has actually been in 19 Final Fours but their 1980 appearance was vacated by the NCAA when it was found that they had used ineligible players during the season. Now North CArolina is winning with a 2009 apperence in the final four, which makes 19 times for UNC

When were the final fours UVa made?

The University of Virginia made it to the Final Four of the NCAA men's basketball tournament in 1981 and 1984. Through 2013, the school has yet to advance to the championship game.

What is the list of active top coaches with the most NCAA division 1 basketball wins?

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What are the salaries of NCAA track coaches?

The salaries of NCAA track coaches earned on average $49,140 to $63,720 a year. A very small percentage of college coaches earn more than a million a year.

What are the salaries of NCAA Head Softball Coaches?

The salaries of NCAA head softball coaches will vary according to experience and college. They average about $47,000 per year.

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