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Clair Francis Bee

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2007-10-20 05:14:27
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Q: What Grafton native has the highest winning percentage of all NCAA Division 1 basketball coaches?
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How many black coaches are there NCAA division 1 basketball?


What NCAA men's basketball coaches have the best winning percentage?

Clairvoyant bee

Who are the only four African American men's Division 1 head basketball coaches to win a national championship?

I am pretty sure that there are only 3 African American men's Division 1 head basketball coaches who have won a Division 1 men's basketball championship: John Thompson, Jr.Nolan RichardsonTubby Smith

How many active NCAA division 1 basketball coaches have won a national championship?

As of March 2011, that would be 11 coaches (NCAA Div I men's)

What coaches have the highest winning percentage in NCAA basketball?

mark few for gonzaga is in the top 5

When was Women's Basketball Coaches Association created?

Women's Basketball Coaches Association was created in 1981.

When was National Association of Basketball Coaches created?

National Association of Basketball Coaches was created in 1927.

How hard is it to get into a division 1 college for basketball?

You MUST be amazing! It takes size athleticism and skill to play d1 basketball you must also have looks from recruiters or coaches for a better chance.

Who are the three top winning coaches for women's NCAA division one basketball?

C. Vivian Stringer Geno should be on there in the near future

Winningest basketball coaches Division II and III?

By total number of wins: Division II - Herb Magee, Philadelphia University Divison III - Glenn Robinson, Franklin and Marshall College

What is the list of active top coaches with the most NCAA division 1 basketball wins?

See the following post:

Can a basketball team play without coaches?

yes but they have assistant coaches also

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