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Q: What are the youngest ages of NCAA football coaches?
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What are the youngest ages for being infertile?

seven weeks is the youngest

What are the ages of the five youngest US public company CEOs?

The ages of the five youngest US public company CEOs are 31,38,33, 35 and 39.

Who is the youngest soccer coach?

It's very difficult to account for all the teams in the world and their rosters and ages. The youngest active professional football coach to become champion is André Villas-Boas of FC Porto, at age 33.

Is Jacob the youngest in the wolf pack?

No, Leah and Seth Clearwater are the youngest at the ages of 14 and 15

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What are the ages of the oldest players ever or currently playing NCAA Football?

Tom Thompson, 61 years old. Austin College kicker. 11/14/2009 converted PAT against Trinity University.

What are the ages of the youngest and oldest tennis ball runners for the US Open?

15 youngest idk the oldest i know above 45

Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death for people ages?

The youngest decile of drivers - ages 16-25.

What were the youngest ninjas ages?

2 when they became master ninjas and now they are 4.

What are the ages of the youngest bowlers of perfect games?

Dick weed age 2

How old were the original Apostles in the Bible?

The apostles were of different ages , John was the youngest.

Why did people die playing football in the middle ages?

Football wasn't played in the middle ages. It wasn't invented until the 1800's.

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