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Contrary to popular belief, lifting weights while you are still growing does not stunt growth. It was believed that breaking a bone could damage the ends of the bones that are still growing, but this is not the case. Strength training has only benefits, if done correctly, whether you are young or old.

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I have been lifting weight for about 6 mo. now and growing way faster than usual, with my groth spirts IM 11

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Exercise will not change your height.

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Q: If you lift weights will you stay short?
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If you lift weights when your 11 will you be short when you grow up?


If you lift weights and your 14 do you stay short?

No, lifting will not stunt your growth as the myth grows. Just make sure you do it correctly, and get supervision at first. There are too many benefits of lifting to not do it when young.

Will lifting weights before you are 13 make you short?

no only if u lift too much

How do I become stronger?

Watch what you eat, lift weights, and stay off of junk food and soft drinks.

If you lift weights when your 13 do you stay small?

No. Not at all. It is a wrong myth. Arnold Schwarzenegger started lifting weights when he was 14 yrs old. Do you think he is small?

How do i gain muscle without using any products?

Lift weights :-) Lift weights :-)

Do you really stay short when you do weights when your small?

no because i do weights well sorta and ive grown im tall man so no its not true

How many times are you supposed to lift weights?

You smell your butt 1,000 times to lift weights

You are strong eleven year old gymnast should you lift wheights and if so how much?

if you do lift weights,be sure not to lift to heavy 11 and i lift weights ,and do push ups,and chin ups.

Is it ok to lift weights at 13 years olds i am a 13yr old boy i am 5 foot 4 and i weigh 115 and i was wondering if it would stunt my growth if i starting to lift weights?

It actually is okay to lift weights at your age. I am a 14 year old girl and i bench press a bunch of weights and i have not stunted my growth. Guys are mad to lift weights I'm not suppose to lift weights but i am strong enough to do it. The answer to you is yes.

Do you get smaller by lifting weights?

It depends on your weight and fitness level. For example, you may become smaller by losing fat around the muscles that you are losing to lift weights. But if you are already thin, depending on how much you lift, you muscle tone will either stay the same, or your muscles will get bigger.

How fast should you lift weights?

It don't matter how fast you list the weights, it all depends on how much pounds the weights are, and how often you lift them. But I wouldnt lift them to fast, because you might pull a muscle.