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Generally it ranges from 16:00 and below.

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Q: What is a general 5k scholarship time for DI and DII?
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How fast should you run a 5k to get a Division 1 scholarship?

My estimate of the 5k xc mark a guy would need to get a full scholarship for cross country and track is probably 15:30, maybe even faster. However there are plenty of smaller time division 1 programs that will give you a partial scholarship for significantly slower times. For a girl, that standard for a full ride is probably around 18:00.

Running an 1808 5k race as a freshman Do you think i could go to college on a scholarship?

if you get better

What is an average 5K time?

20 minutes is an average tome for a 5k race.

What is winning time for a 5k?

The fastest time recorded for the race.

Is running a 18 minute 5k good for 15 years old?

Yes, running a 5K in 18 minutes is a great time for a 15 year old. Congrats.I believe a 15 year old running a 5K in 18 minutes is excellent; competing time for a 5K is 19-20 minutes.

What is a good time for running a 5K with hills?


Who holds the men's world record in the 5k race?

The men's world record in the 5k race is held by Joshua Cheptegei from Uganda with a time of 12:35.36 set in 2020.

How long should it take for a beginner to run a 5k run?

When I ran my first 5k I took 45 minutes. I think around that time.

How do you speed up your 5k run time?

Run faster

What is a good 5k speed?

Chris Everts of SWFl ran the worlds fastest 5k with a time of 13:17 back in nov. 12, 2008

Fastest 5k time for a 9 year old?

24:06 by Mayson Levandoski. RUN THRU THE RAPIDS 10-20-12 Official chip time . Not even close. Braden Griffin ran the Tulip Time 5K in 2013 with an official chip time of 21:01! see link:

How do you predict your 6000m time from your 5k time?

you add a fifth of your time on then add approx 20 more seconds