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the air has a lot of intermolecular space between them so yuo can easily move your hand through it. But the block of wood has the particles tightly packed and hence you need a karate expert to break the block of solid wood.

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Q: Why you can easily move your hand in air but to do the same through a solid block of wood you need a karate expert?
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You can easily move your hand in air but to do the same through a solid block of wood you need a karate expert?

Moving your hand through air encounters minimal resistance, making it easy. However, a solid block of wood is dense and has more substance, requiring precise technique and power to break it. A karate expert has the skill and training to harness the necessary force and focus to break through the block effectively.

Why do you need a karate expert to split a block of wood?

You don't need to have a karate expert to break a block of wood, but it is definitely better to have someone who is experienced to do it. Would you rather have an experienced karateka break a board, or have an unexperienced karateka break it and end up breaking their self (such as hand, or foot) because they don't know how to properly break it?

In shotokan karate what block is mostly used?

Soto uke

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Wax on, Wax off is how Mr. Myagi taught Daniel how to do a circle block. The block is one of the cornerstones of Okinawa karate.

How do you do a block in karate?

It depends on the style of karate, and most styles have more then one. For example, Tang Soo Do has only the parry block (the rest of the "blocks" are actually strikes), yet tae kwon jitsu has low x-block, high block, reverse outside block etc.

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It would be difficult to punch, grapple, block and throw without them.

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A wooden block is an insulator because it does not conduct electricity well. Wood is made up of materials that do not allow electrical charges to flow easily through them.

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What is the use of outside block in karate?

The outer block or Soto-uke is used to block punches and push the opponents arm outside his body, so leaving their stomach free to punch.Hope that helps