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He Tried to throw the bull

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Q: Why did't the quarterback make a very good matador?
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What is it called when the matador waves a red flag at a bull?

Torero, which means bullfighter.There are three types of toreros, each using a different style or technique:* Matador * Picador* Banderillero === ===

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In Spain a matador earns $50,000 to 656,000 per bullfight

How long does it take to become matador?

Once the matador begins his passes with the muleta he has 15 minutes to make the kill. A warning trumpet is sounded after 10 minutes. If the bull is still alive after three more minutes a second trumpet is sounded. After two more minutes the final trumpet is sounded and the bull must then be return to the corral to be killed there. It is a great dishonor to the matador who has failed to do his job.

How do bullfighters make the bulls cross?

I am not sure what you are referring to. Do you mean how does the matador make the bull angry? The bulls are naturally very aggressive and have been prodded by the picadores and banderilleros to get them in a fighting mood.If you mean how does the matador get the bull to change directions, he does so by changing the position of the muleta, or cape. By pulling the cape from left to right or vice versa, the bull will follow the movement and change direction.