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Pete Gonzalez

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Q: Which former Steeler quarterback who wore 7 played at Pitt as a quarterback. Only to make it as far as 3rd String for the Steelers?
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Which former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback who wore the number 7 played at Pitt as a quarterback?

That was Pete Gonzalez, a backup in 1998 and 1999 for the Steelers.

Who was the former Pittsburgh Steeler named Kaufman?

There is no player on the Steelers all-time roster named Kaufman.

Does joe gilliam have a Super Bowl ring?

Former Pittsburgh Steeler Quarterback Joe Gilliam has two Super Bowl Rings. Gilliam was part of the 1974 and 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Championship teams.

Which former Pittsburgh Steeler has the record for the longest punt return against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

"Bullet" Bill Dudley

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback from Madison NJ?

Former Steelers quarterback Neil O'Donnell was raised in Madison, New Jersey. He also played football at Madison High School.

What former Steeler Kicker was born in South Africa?

Gary Anderson is the former kicker for the Pittsburgh Steelers who was born in South Africa. He was born in Parys, South Africa in 1959.

Which former Pittsburgh Steelers kicker wore number 1?

The former Steeler kicker to wear number 1 was Gary Anderson from 1982-1994. Dave Trout also wore number 1 as a place kicker for the Steelers in 1981.

What former quarterback does TV commercial for diet?

Terry Bradshaw a former quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers currently does a commercial for the diet program Nutri-System. In the commercial he claims to have lost over 32 pounds following the program.

What is former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Cliff Stoudts birth date?

Cliff Stoudt was born March 27, 1955.

Which former Notre Dame player did Terry Bradshaw beat out to become the Pittsburgh Steelers starting quarterback?

Terry Hanratty.

Where is former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Neil O'Donnell now?

He is currently a sales rep for field turf in Tennesee and Kentucky.

Who is former Pittsburgh Steeler Jason Capizzi playing for now?

Former Steeler Jason Capizzi is currently playing for the Las Vegas Locomotives of the United Football League.