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Maybe because they like it????

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because it fun to watch

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Q: How many children become violent by watching boxing?
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What sport is violent and why?

Boxing is the most violent sport

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What is the population of people who watch boxing in 2009?

the population of people watching boxing in 2009 is 1200000 people.

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p2p4u boxing Is fine?

What is a sport that has been criticized for being too violent?

Hockey, football, wrestling, and boxing.

How does one learn to become a kickboxer?

One can learn to become a kick boxer by signing up for kick boxing lessons at a local gym. One can also learn to be a kick boxer by watching Youtube tutorials or reading articles.

When did boxing become famous?

In 1978

What is boxing in the US?

amusement (generally of children)

What year did mouth guards become legal in boxing?

Since 1850 you've had to wear a mouth guards in boxing matches

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In which year did boxing become a legal sport?

688 b.c

Who can you contact to become a boxer?

Go to a boxing class instructor and he can help you from there. The reason why you can't just become a boxer is because the world boxing association need to some about the athlete they are sponsoring.