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Boxing is the most violent sport

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How is hockey violent?

Hockey is violent because of two reasons... one of them would be the fighting in the sport, professionals fight alot which can make the sport violent. Also, it can be considered violent because hockey is a contact sport and some people will hit violent and not do a clean hitm so that can also make the sport dirty.

What happens when sport clubs are too violent?


Does violent sports affect children?

yes it does because if a child plays the sport he will get influenced and do violent things

WHAt sport did Theodore roosevelt propose to ban for being too violent?

He did not ban any sport he wanted to save American football for it was too violent and not many people wanted to play it so he simply made it less violent.

Why do you think people hate football?

Because it is a violent sport.

Why was wreastling removed form the Olympics?

Because it is a violent sport

What is the most violent sport in America?

This a no brain-er HUNTING ... close second fishing ...I would probably say rugby or wrestling. football is America most violent sport no lie.

What sport is most violent?

Football more guranteed injures maybe death

Could airsoft be a school sport?

In my oppinion, schools will never make airsoft an accepted sport because it's "dangerous" and "violent."

What is lacroose?

lacroose is the most violent and best sport ever its so fun duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

What is most violent sport in the world?

Russian Roulette because if you lose then you apparently die

What is a sport that has been criticized for being too violent?

Hockey, football, wrestling, and boxing.

What has guns been used for over the years?

Protection from violent people, hunting, and sport.

What is the most violent sport?

Rugby!!! It's like hockey, but worse, and without ice. Youtube it!

How does personality affect sport performance?

the more angry you are the more violent you are but you do not listen carefully to the rules

Is Mexican futbol a contact sport?

Mexican futbol is our soccer. So in that case yes it is a contact sport. It can get pretty violent depending on which level you are watching or playing at.

Why do spectators and players become violent in sport?

because the fans want to annoy the opposite teams players

Do girls like guys who wrestle?

some may but others think it is a violent sport and don't enjoy it.

Does sport promote violence?

If you think sports are violent..then you need to stop sucking off your moms tit

How is UFC fighting a violent sport?

Its not. Compared to how it was when it started. At first in Ufc 1 you could do anything, it was like a street fight basically. You could pull hair grab clothing Kick a downed opponent in the face. But today when it called a violent sport it just a stereotype that ignorant people call it cause they don't take the time to understand the sport

Why was football banned fro some time in the Tudor times?

Football was banned because it was a very violent sport.

What is the movie Rollerball about?

The movie Rollerball is a science fiction movie from 1975, remade in 2002. In a future ruled by corporations there is a violent sport called Rollerball.This movie focuses on one player from the sport.

Is boxing violent?

yes. some are seriosly injured (nerve damage; brain damage)some people have even died in this sport.

What sport did the Cherokee play?

the Cherokee played a rough type of lacrosse that was so violent people often died during the games.

Who directed the 1975 movie Rollerball?

Canadian film director Norman Jewison directed the film Rollerball which at the time was controversial. Set in a violent, corporate 2018 the film centers on the internationally popular but violent sport of Rollerball and the talented superstar of the sport, Jonathan. It's a film that explores the power and role of the individual against corporatism.

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