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Two of the fighters with the highest fight totals are Dan Severn(109) and Travis Fulton (245). But since MMA was underground for a while it is hard to determine many older fighters actual fight totals. A website to check on most records is called They have a fighter finder that is hands down the best in the world for mma fighters.

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Well, Frank Dux had 329 wins in the Bloodsport Kumite Tournament without having a loss.

In Boxing i think its Young Stribling

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Off the top of my head, probably MMA legend Dan Severn. I think he was over 100 wins. Jeremy Horn is definitely high up there too. Alexander Shlemenko

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Andrei Arlovski is the active fighter who has the most MMA wins so far and is 23.

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Q: Who has the most wins in mixed martial arts history?
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