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Most likely Taekwondo or Karate, these Martial Arts have many families involved and most studios of these take both children and adults as students, compared to martial art styles like BJJ that may not.

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Q: What is the best martial arts studio for families?
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Who is the best at martial arts?

I think Jet Li is the best at martial arts

Best martial arts uniforms?

it depends in what martial arts you want tekwondow.,kickboxing , jujoistue

Who is the best actor in movies that so martial arts?

the best actor who does martial arts is definitely from the expert himself, JACKIE CHAN!

Which Chinese is the best in martial arts?

the best chinese martial art in my opinion is wing chun kung fu and the best martial arts teacher of this style would either be ip man or sum nung

What is the color of the best belt in mixed martial arts?

Mixed martial arts has no belts.

Which is the best self defense martial art?

Chinese martial arts

Where the Martial Arts were best in footwork?

Baguazhang has the best foot work in martial arts and it is known to be the most extensive foot work. This form of martial arts was designed to fight off multiple attackers at once, so proper foot work is needed.

Which martial arts is best for agility?


What form of martial arts is the best?


What is the best self defense fighting style?

The Filipino martial arts are the most well-rounded of the martial arts. If I was going to study only 1 martial art, that is the one I would choose. Other martial arts may be more effective in specific situations, but the Filipino martial arts will prepare you well for ANY situation which you might encounter.

Who was the best martial arts fighter?

Jackie Chan

The best martial arts movie till date?

"Maybe the greatest martial arts movie ever is Hero. Excellent martial techniques display by virtuosos Jet Li and Donnie Yen, and also a deep insight into the very essence of martial arts. A must-have.

What is the best kind of martial arts?

The best kinds of martial arts for striking are karate, taekwondo, kickboxing, and boxing while for grappling aikido, judo and jiu-jitsu. for a good hybrid systema would probably be the best.

What martial arts are best for fighting?

All martial arts are good for fighting, but tae kwon do (ty kwon doh) is also great for self defense.

Is it possible to learn martial arts at the age of 27 years?

It is possible to learn martial arts at any age. Some of the best martial artists I know didn't start until they were in their 40's!

What is the best martial arts in the world?

Shaolin Kung fu

Why did they invent UFC?

to find out which type of martial arts was the best

Where is the best MMA gym in Barcelona?

Where is the best MIXED MARTIAL ARTS gym in Barcelona?

What qualities make Bruce Lee great?

1. he thought that other martial arts were useless 2. his martial arts were about life 3.he thinks smart and was the best fighter

Who is the best person at martial arts?

Ustad IP and Bruce Lee

What is the best martial arts discipline for precision and versatility?

Karate Shotokan.

Bruce Lee is the best martial arts in the world?

I Believe so

What is the most efficient form of martial arts?

There is no "best" fighting art. AS humans, we are all different and have different abilities. What works well for one person doesn't for another. That is why there are so many forms of martial arts to begin with. If there was a "best" one, everyone would be doing it. You should find the martial art that works best for YOU.

How does Jeet kune do differ from other martial arts?

Bruce Lee created the style. He incorporated what he felt were the best parts of the martial arts he had studied, which included wing chun and karate.

What is the preferred martial arts of the US Special Forces?

Most employ an ecclectic mix of martial arts. It feel that it works best when you have a full bag of dirty tricks available to defeat the enemy.