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Martial Arts are no more evil then a gun or a knife, or even a stick. In fact, most true martial artists are recognized more for their contributions to society then their fighting ability. A true martial artist would never consider attacking someone for fun or just because they can. a true martial artist understands martial ethics.

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No, most martial arts make no connection with religion of any type.

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Mixed Martial Arts may be violent, and considered by some to be unpleasant, but it is not demonic.

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Q: Is martial arts a form of worshiping the devil?
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What is jujuistu?

A form of martial arts.

What is the most violent form of traditional martial arts?

the most violent form of traditional martial arts is street fight and taekwondo.

What is the ultimate form of martial arts?

There is no 'ultimate' form. Martial arts were developed in many places over great stretches of time. They take many forms.

What are the martial arts that have weapons?

ken-do in a form of martial art that uses primarily swords, although most martial arts use weapons at some level.

What is pekiti?

Pekiti is a form of Filipino martial arts.

What form of martial arts is like dance?


What form of martial arts originated in India in the 400s BC?

The form of martial arts that originated in India is Kshatriya. It was first practiced sometime in the 400 B.C. years.

What is martial art bourne?

If you're asking where martial arts was born ... Then most believe it was born in China , and that , " Kung Fu" was the first martial arts form.

What sport started as a form of self-defense?

martial arts

What is Kun Fo?

Kung Fu is a form of martial arts.

What type of martial art does donnie yen have?

Wing Chun is the form of martial arts that was popularized by Donnie Yen.

What do you call a martial arts sequence?

The name will depend upon the martial art. In karate it is called a kata. Other arts use the word form or poomse for a sequence.