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Absolutely. In tryouts, the coaches look for gymnastic skills. Besides dance skills.

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2010-07-02 19:26:01
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Q: Would gymnastics training help a cheerleading tryout?
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What is a fun cheerleading camp?

I would say Woodward. It has both cheerleading and gymnastics.

Is gymnastics harder then cheerleading?

it depends in gymnastic you have the bars and beams which are hard but in cheerleading you have stunting and jumping. then in both you have tumbling which can be hard. i think both of the sports are hard and difficult.

What is Shakira's favorite sport?

belly dancing,gymnastics,Cheerleading,she would like to play soccer.

What is Shakira's favorite sport?

belly dancing,gymnastics,cheerleading,she would like to play soccer.

What websites or stores would you go to in order to find proffessional cheerleading tryout outfits?

gk elite, varsity spirit wear, the sew factory, soffee

Is cheerleading harder than gymnastics?

Gymnastics and Cheerleading are much alike in ways but Gymnastics is way harder Gymnast do tumble and do flips on the ground but they also do it 6 feet in the air on a 4 inch beam! Gymnastics gets judged on skills and if you don't do them perfect, that's just to bad. Most sports have an hour or longer to do there sport or a certain amount of tries, but gymnastics gets only one.

What range in cheerleading would you be in if you r 10 in a half?

All cheerleading levels are different. Around where I live which is ohio, you would be in probably be in range 4 or 5 depending on how good you are at certain tumbling and gymnastics moves.

Can you get a belly piercing if you are doing cheerleading and gymnastics Would it hurt your stomach to bend back?

If it were just cheerleading there would be less of an issue, but due to the fact that you also partake in gymnastics, I would heavily advise against getting it right now. Best to wait till summer when you'll have some down time, if you get any down time over the summer that is.

Why do people think cheerleading is not a sport?

People dont believe it's a sport because they are jealous that they dont have the streingth, stamina, loyalty, and dedication. If they did they would tryout but they probabally wouldn't make to team! :)

What is the most common hobby?

I would say that the most popular sport for guys is Football, and the most common sport for girls is Cheerleading/Gymnastics/Dancing.

If you were training in the olyimpics for gymnastics would you spend two hours stretching to improve your flexibility?

yeah i would right now I've been in gymnastics for two years and i need to work on stretching i would totally do that

How do you get on a commercial?

Usually in the news there would say something like "fommericail tryout" and you go to the address that it states and tryout.

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