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To be a certified coach you must complete training by the USASF (United States All-Star Federation) or the AACCA (American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators.)

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I would not say so but you need to be fit and healthy. :)

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Cheer leading coaches should have a background in cheering and gymnastics. They should also be free of a criminal record.

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You should have some on the job training, and you need to become certified with the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors or the USASF

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Q: What schooling do you have to do to be a cheer coach?
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How long do you have to go to college to be a coach for cheerleading?

Answer To be a cheer coach you have to have experience. My cheer coach has been coaching cheer for 23 years and we were world champs last year. What does that tell you? Most cheer coaches go to college like normal but you have to be licensed.

Does your cheer leading squad need a coach?

i believe so.

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How many years of school to be a bowling coach?

There is generally no schooling requirements to be a bowling coach. If you are looking to be a coach for a public school, they may have requirements to be on staff.

Where can you sign up for a cheerleading squad?

Talk to a coach. You can cheer at a gym or at school.

Is online schooling more beneficial paired to regular schooling?

You will need to major in psychology and sociology. You will be able to be a life coach after you graduate from college.

What actors and actresses appeared in Jersey Cheer - 2011?

The cast of Jersey Cheer - 2011 includes: Patty Ann Romero as Herself - Cheerleading Coach

Who won 3rd place at the 2010 cheer nationals in Florida?

concidering i was the head cheer coach for 1st place it was the dallas cow boys who were 3ed thank you for you time

What kid of schooling is needed to become a professional soccer coach?

Enough schooling so that you know how to read over your question once and realize that you misspelled "kind" and put "kid"

How much does a College Cheer Coach make in a year?

It really depends on where you are coaching & how much THEY pay you. Honestly, coaches for cheer do not get paid a lot. If you love cheer, that's what makes you want to coach, not how much money you make. If you are not devoted to coaching, it's definitely not the job for you.

Where is there a high school which has a cheer squad?

Almost all High Schools have Cheer Squads. If they don't it is most likey because they didn't have enough interest during tryout or that the don't have anyone that is willing to coach it.

How do you become a sports team mascot?

Go to the cheer coach and ask if there are any openings and if she says yes then ask if you can tryout.