Will undertaker get the title back?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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He will eventually I would think.

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Q: Will undertaker get the title back?
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Undertaker when you planin to challeng the game for the WWE title?

first undertaker has to deal with big show and vickie then he can go on for the wwe title but vickie will be on his back for a very long time and so will big show.and also undertaker hasn't earn a title shot and vickie will not give him 1. i think undertaker should of just said sorry

Did rey mysterio beat the undertaker for the title?

No he didn't beat undertaker for the title instead undertaker beat him.

Will the undertaker get a title shot in this year 09?

quite honestly if he does not get a title shot this year or the next he will be drafted or will quit because he has much potential and he should be a title holder when he gets back

What does the undertaker call ciel in black butler?

Undertaker calls Ciel by his title 'Earl'.

When will undertaker be back on TV?

yes the deadman undertaker is back on tv

Is the undertaker coming back in 2011?

I heard that undertaker will be back in summerslam

Why does undertaker hate edge?

stole his title

Is undertaker about to retire because he is hurt?

NO. The Undertaker will be back.

Did the undertaker beat cm punk for the title?

Yes, he did.

Will undertaker come back?

yes undertaker will come back. its all just for entertainment.

Is the undertaker ever coming back?

yeha undertaker is coming back in 2 weeks

Will the undertaker come back after wreslemania 27?

Never count out the Undertaker. He may not be back anytime soon but he will be back.