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No he didn't beat undertaker for the title instead undertaker beat him.

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1 The Undertaker is not dead,he is paralyzed,and second no one knows who did it to the Phenom(The Undertaker).

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Q: Did rey mysterio beat the undertaker for the title?
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Did rey mysterio beat up the undertaker?

Yes He defianatly will win because a gift will come to rey xmas Night V Undertaker

How many times has Rey mysterio beat the undertaker?


Who beat up the undertaker?

No one he got injured in his match with Rey mysterio

Did rey mysterio beat Kane at summerslam?

no, but as Kane open the casket to put Rey in the undertaker was in it, and the undertaker try to get back at Kane that didn't work out

Which wrestler will be the hardest for the undertaker?

There are many opponents that Undertaker will be hard to win against but who he will find hard to beat is Rey Mysterio.

Will Rey mysterio beat Undertaker at the 2010 royal rumble?

MAYBE, If Batista doesn't get involved in it.

Who injurd undertaker?

rey mysterio

Who beat Rey Mysterio for the world title?

Booker T/King Booker

Who gave the undertaker a cuncussion?

rey mysterio

Are Rey Mysterio and The Undertaker brothers?

No, they're not.

Why was batista annoyed with rey mysterio?

Batista had Undertaker pined and Rey pushed him over and tried to pin undertaker. So Mysterio. Batista would have won if Rey Wouldn't have hit him.

Did rey mysterio lose against Kane?

Yeah in a no disqualifaication match but then The Deadman,The Undertaker came to beat up Kane!