When will undertaker be back on TV?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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yes the deadman undertaker is back on tv

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Q: When will undertaker be back on TV?
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When is Undertaker back on TV?

He Is Supposed To Return At Vickie And Edge's Wedding I hope so

Is undertaker coming back 2011?

i think he is back now but he had and injury but if you watch smackdown on TV if your lucky you might see him but if he is not back then it might be once you are defeated at wrestle mania you go back and yeah

When will Vince McMahon be back on TV to wrestle the Undertaker at a Wrestlemania 21 show?

VINCE WONT WRESTLE AT WM21 TAKER WILL FACE ORTON no this is an outdated question, undertaker faced randy, and reversed randys tombstone just like when he faced the other undertaker he will never face him cause WRESTLEMANIA 21 was almost a month ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the undertaker coming back in 2011?

I heard that undertaker will be back in summerslam

Is the Undertaker going to retire soon?

There has been no mention from Mark Callaway, who portrays the Undertaker on WWE television, stating his plans for retirement.

Is undertaker about to retire because he is hurt?

NO. The Undertaker will be back.

Will the Undertaker be appearing on the television program 'Shut your mouth'?

yes he is

Will undertaker come back?

yes undertaker will come back. its all just for entertainment.

Is the undertaker ever coming back?

yeha undertaker is coming back in 2 weeks

Will the undertaker come back after wreslemania 27?

Never count out the Undertaker. He may not be back anytime soon but he will be back.

Is The Undertaker going to go back to being the old undertaker?


How rich is the undertaker?

undertaker has over the years grazed the world wrestling television. From the eightys when he made his debut appearance till date, the undertaker has made millions in the show biz and is by far one of the richest wrestlers and the most consistent as well