Did the undertaker beat cm punk for the title?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Yes, he did.

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Q: Did the undertaker beat cm punk for the title?
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Will undertaker beat cm punk at hell in a cell?

yes the undertaker will win at hiac in 10:26 seconds and will have a short title reign most likely

Did cm punk retain the title agaist the undertaker?


In 2009 what event was undertakers comeback?

Summer Slam. After CM Punk beat Jeff Hardy in a TLC Match the lights went out and the undertaker took Jeff Hardy's place under cm punk and dodge the title shoot by cm punk and Chokeslammed him.

Is CM Punk related to the Undertaker?

no cm punk is not related to the undertaker and if he were the undertaker would have killed the annoying sob so we don't have to listen to his rants about him not having a life

Was the undertaker jumped?

Yes the undertaker was suposevly jumped by cm punk

Who won the westlemania match between undertaker and cm punk?


Why did Kane blame the secret sciyte for attaking his brother The Undertaker?

Because The Undertaker beat CM Punk for the world heavyweight championship, and the S.E.S. isn't happy about it.

Did cm punk kill undertaker?

No, he didn't.

Who will beat cm punk for his wwe title?

You should ask that question from the writers. Then again, you wouldn't get an answer from them.

Who is undertaker's WrestleMania 29 opponent?

cm punk

Who is the undertaker's WrestleMania 29 opponent?

cm punk

In WWE who killed the undertaker?

The undertaker is a legend in his lifetime, and nobody killed him.I think that cm punk killed him that's why KANE keeps attacking cm punk though there was a clip of cm punk saving that girl in the sec i don't belive it i want cm punk to die