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"Stamina" refers to the physical or mental ability to remain active for long periods of time. There are factors relating to both, or either, physical or mental stamina which affect an individual's overall health.

Physical endurance is increased by aerobic (low-intensity, long-duration, oxygen burning - or anaerobic (high-intensity, short-duration, sugar-burning exercise. Each type of exercise increases the body's ability to use oxygen or carbohydrates respectively.

Running, jogging, swimming, cycling and brisk walking (exercising continuously for more than a couple of minutes) are used to increase one's aerobic stamina. Weightlifting, sprinting and other physical activities of no more than about 2 minutes in length between rest periods help to build one's anaerobic stamina.

Mental endurance refers to an individual's ability to focus on particular thoughts or concepts for long periods, and relates strongly to motivation and will. Meditation is a common method of increasing stamina: one can meditate by picturing a simple or complicated object in the mind's eye ("imagining" or "visualizing"), or clearing the "mental canvas" and simply focusing on a blank surface, such as the inside of the eyelids when the eyes are closed. Some excellent tips on increasing mental stamina can be found in the related link.

Stamina is simply increased by conducting a particular activity many times over a long period. The more you practice such activities, the more energy (or focus) you can devote to those activities, which can have positive impacts on your overall physical and mental stamina and your peace of mind.

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A stereotype about the heavyweight division on Boxing; many heavyweights such as David Tua, can bench press 450 lbs in Round 1, but, by round 7, that number drops to 150 lbs. What good is great strength if it doesn't last? Regardless of orientation strength needs to be long lasting, especially in Martial Arts. I am personally not against weight training in Boxing although, I am only a casual fan; problem is, there aren't any traditional western weight room endurance based weight training programs out there, the closest thing is circuit training.

If you're into martial arts, putting on too much muscle weight WILL kill your stamina, if you do not balance it out with stamina stuff such as jogging and swimming. Bodybuilders are against "excessive cardio" because they need to pack on mass, see if you do too much cardio, your muscles won't grow big. When building up a body for both strength and stamina, its somewhere in between "big," and "skinny guy who doesn't lift weights." There are hulking bodybuilders, there are lean skinny guys, and, martial artists and combat sports athletes, have to be somewhere in the middle, somewhere in between the body of a marathoner and a bodybuilder, with atributes of both.

Of course as they say everything is a trade off; a well conditioned MMA fighter, will last ALMOST as long as a marathoner, and lift ALMOST as much as a power lifter or bodybuilder, but not quite be there because they are somewhere in the middle. Not in the stamina or strength extreme but "the place you need to be" if you're into combat sports. The "ultimate" in physical fitness, is the ability to bench press your body weight about 30 times, and being able to run 7 miles in about 21 minutes, 22 if you want to be reasonable. Most of the top MMA guys can do that, as well as most top kickboxers and some boxers these days, with Boxing, its usually the dudes below the heavyweight division which is pretty out of shape these days compared to previous generations.

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Q: Why is stamina important to gymnastics?
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How does stamina help you in gymnastics?

stamina helps you in gymnastics because if you are tired or unhealthy you cant do as well to achieve goals

How were gymnastics uneven bars invented?

The uneven bars that are a 20th century addition. They grew in response to women competing in professional sports. The uneven bars were created to help women focus on strength and stamina in the field of gymnastics.

Why is stamina needed in dance?

Stamina is very important in dance as dance is a highly fatigues activity and stamina is needed to prolong your capability. So basically you need stamina to last longer during tiring activities.

How is gymnastic important?

Gymnastics is important because you get very good excercise from it and it can make you very flexible. In fact, i do gymnastics myself and i love it!

What helps you in Cheerleading?

* flexibility * experience in gymnastics/ dance * loud voice * facials * strong abs, arm, and leg muscles * stamina * good balance

Why is flexibility important in gymnastics?

It is important because u need it's to do it and strength but so it's important because they use it gymnastics is about flexibility just practice splits cartwheel handstand ect.

Do you have to take gymnastics to join jazz dancing?

no, gymnastics isn't necessary for dancing. unless you want to learn it, it is not important.

What is the factor that plays an important role in determining how estrenuously and when you exercise?


Is dancing better than gymnastics?

I'd have to say gymnastics, because you can get flexible, strong, and learn how to do flips. in dance you can get flexible and your legs get strong. It will help you with dance a lot. It also depends on your age and your athletic ability. Both require good stamina and coordination. Most people don't do gymnastics all of their lives. People can dance for many years.

How is muscle strength releaed to gymnastics?

Upper body Strength is extremely important in gymnastics. Its the concept that you have to push yourself up.

Why is personality important in gymnastics?

A fit athlete who loves to swing, jump and leap. most gymnasts are brave and open minded to new challenges.

What are some famous quotes that are relevant to gymnastics?

Some famous quotes that are relevant to gymnastics are, "In gymnastics you have to be perfect every step of the way" was said by Shannon Miller. Another is "Gymnastics is not only a good thing to live by, but it is important to understand how it does help you in life" was said by Shawn Johnson.