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a Netball injury can take great effect on your cardiorespiratory system because if your injured how are you going to do the workouts that you need to get your cardiorespiratory system up

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Q: Why is good cardiovascular levels important in netball?
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Why is cardiovascular endurance important in netball?

Good cardiovascular health means that the heart and bloodstream will be better at efficiently delivering blood to cells, particularly muscles. This gives the cells a constant supply of oxygen, required for generating energy. So, better cardiovascular health means your body is able to deliver oxygen to the muscles rapidly using energy more efficiently, and for longer. You use energy to play Netball. A good cardiovascular system means that you are able to play at your highest level for longer, without getting tired out.

What do football coches look for?

They are looking for good cardiovascular fitness levels. Also Agility hard working.

What are football coaches looking for?

They are looking for good cardiovascular levels. Also hard working agility performer.

Why is jumping a good example of cardiovascular endurance?

Its good because it helps your blood pump through your veins. So that is why it is important.

What qualifications do you need to become a professional netball player?

You need to work your way up the levels, so get into county team/nationals/regional etc. You will then be scouted to play professionally. You need good stamina/fitness levels, team work, agility, skill, height, speed.

Is there any good netball cheers?

Y,ou might be good at basketball you might be good at track, but when it comes to netball you might as well step back!

What are benefits to having a good circulatory system?

A strong and healthy cardiovascular system keeps blood flowing freely throughout the body and lowers the risk of high blood pressure or heart attack. Strong Blood Flow:- A healthy cardiovascular system consists of strong blood vessels that pump blood throughout the body. Low Blood Pressure:- A healthy cardiovascular system is vital for maintaining blood pressure levels. Healthy Heart:- A benefit of a strong cardiovascular system is a healthy heart. The heart's health is vitally important to the function of the entire body.

Why do you need continuous training in netball?

Continuous training is important to incorporate into the training plan for a netballer, as they need to have muscular and cardiovascular endurance to keep up the correct intensity through the game. and Continuous training is a effective and versatile way to do so depending on the fitness capability of the performer.

What are some good examples of gamesmanship in netball?

have a good state of mind :)

Why do you need Cardiovascular fitness in netball?

Muscular Endurance is how long the muscles can perform repeated contractions at, or near a maximum level for an extended period of time with becoming tired or fatigued. In Netball you would need to have good muscular endurance in your leg muscles so that you would not become tired after running up and down the court for the duration of the Netball game (one hour).

What a levels are needed to study pharmacy?

The most important is chemistry, however biology maths and physics are good a levels to study medicine

Is there a netball prayer?

None in particular, but praying is good :)