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They are looking for good cardiovascular fitness levels. Also Agility hard working.

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Juan tiene tres coches José tiene tres coches también Juan tiene coches como José?


How do you find a football player's fan mail addresses?

You go to the teams web site and look up your players # or name and it should give you his or her fan mail address if not try looking up the coches mail address and ask him

How do you say Cars in spanish?

Cars can be: autos, carros or coches, depending on which country you are in. Four cars: cuatro autos/carros/coches

Había coches en 1900?

Sí, había pocas coches en 1900. Llegaron a ser más populares en 1910.

How do you say four cars in Spanish?

Cars can be: autos, carros or coches, depending on which country you are in. Four cars: cuatro autos/carros/coches

Who are involve in gymnastic?

the coches, gymnasts, and parents of gymnast

What does Cuatro coches mean in spanish?

four cars

How do you say i love cars in Spanish?

Me encanta los coches.

How do you say car wash in spanish?

Lavado de coches

How do you say the black cars in Spanish?

los coches negros

What is Te gustan las carreras de coches in English?

Do you like car races?

What is me gustan las carreras de coches in english?

It means: "I like car racing"

What can be found at the website Coches?

On the website Coches, one can find pictures and lists of new, owned, and used cars that can be purchased or rented. There is also an option to sell one's own car. A car insurance calculator can also be found on the website.

What does a football player look like?

Football players can look from a variety of appearances, footballers look just like normal people.

When were football pads invented?

November27,1906 look up the history of football safety.But the Football pads back in the 1800 and 1900 didn't look like ours just look it up

In a spanish how do you write 21?

Veintiuno veintiún (niños, personas, coches...) veinte y uno

How do you say fix cars in spanish?

To fix cars = arreglar autos

What has the author Francisco Javier Torres written?

Francisco Javier Torres has written: 'Los coches'

Where can i rent one way cars?

Usted puede alquilar uno coches manera en cualquier ciudad. Siempre solía alquilar un vehículo en coches de alquiler. Si quieres el mejor alquiler de coches de la empresa en Tampa entonces usted puede buscar Se trata de proporcionar buenas ofertas de presupuesto.

What football team makes sense with look a bird?

I hate football

What does football scouts look for?

Well they look for talented footballers!!

What are the white stripes on the football for?

fOr the grip.

How would you write He is a car salesman' in Spanish?

El es un vendedor de coches (or 'carros').

How do you say three hundred cars in Spanish?

Depending on your region: Trescientos carros Or: Trescientos coches (Spain itself)

What do college football teams look for in a football player?

they look at a lot of thing but before football they look at you in the class you in the class room because they don't want someone who wont be eligible for their team second they look for how you play of course and then when you talk to you coach or recruiter they try and get a feel for your attitude