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Q: Why does a defender in football need speed endurance?
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What are the fitness requirements for achieving excellence fitness in football?

Speed, agility, strength, and endurance.

Why do you need aerobic endurance in football?

because you need to be able to run long distances without getting out of breath and you need to have speed in football to catch the ball however you need speed in your mind aswell as you need to think quicky about how to get the ball. there from connor carey

What sports rely on muscular endurance?

I play Soccer, Football, and run Track. Football you really dont need muscle endurance but for Track and Soccer you do.

Why do you need ability in football?

you need ability in football for your speed

What components do you need for running?

You require cardiovascular endurance, speed, muscular endurance, co-ordination and body composition to be able to run.

Why do netball need speed?

they need speed and endurance to keep themselves running in the game, speed Will help with defense and also with getting the ball down the court

when would muscular endurance be used in rounders?

because you need speed to get a rounder

Why do you need lower body strength in football?

You need lower body strength in football so you can withstand even the hardest push or throw. Football is all about strength but also about endurance.

What are traits of the best sled dogs?

they need cooperation, speed, endurance, and need 800 calories of food a day.

What does it take to be a baseball player?

Be good at baseball...Speed. Endurance. And you'll need batting skills.

What components of fitness do you need for jogging?

speedpowerBalancestaminaMuscular endurance

Why do you need muscular endurance in football?

In football they have to run for 90 minutesand face fierce tackles, so muscles and stamina are needed.