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because you get injured and young children cant ride on a motorcylcl

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2012-02-27 17:43:27
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Q: Why do people think motocross is not a demanding sport?
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Compair motocross to other sports?

Motocross is the worlds toughest sport. People think you can just sit on a bike and go but if you don't know what you are doing you can get hurt. Also motocross is the second hardest sport tour de France is the toughest.

Does anybody that does football and real motocross think football is the harder sport?


What education do you have to have to race motocross?

By that question I don't think you have any education. Its a sport you don't even have to know your ABC's as long as you can ride

What is more energetic motocross or rugby?

i would think motocross

How hard is motocross?

very hard!!!! people dont think this but you need to be very very fit! people just think you sit on a bike and go around a track but you clearly dont you need to be very confident about doing the sport else you will never improve.

How many people think dance is a sport?

alot of people think dance is a sport but why would it not be a sport people alomost everydaay have a dance compotetion

Why you do a certain sport?

So people like a certain sport than other people do so you will do that sport and then some people might think that that sport is dumb but that's what other people think.

How many people think that skateboarding is not a sport?

Type your answer here... 4.3 thousand people think that skateboarding is not a sport

Top speeds of motocross?

i think 30mph

Why is football is the best sport?

Some people think that football is the best sport but that is their opinion. Most people in England think that football is the best sport because it was invented in England>

Should motocross be in the Olympics?

yes! i love racing motocross and i think it would be very fun to see.. it would be just like the motocross de nations!

Gender in sport?

i think it mean i'm not sure but i think it means people with different gender doing sport.

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